KIEV CoProduction Meetings 2015 Speakers

Johan SETH

Johan Seth was born in 1980. Since 2004 he has produced and co-produced several international award winning feature films (mostly documentaries) and a number of TV documentaries and short films. Also Johan Seth is a chairman of OFF (Independent Filmmakers Union) in Sweden and a board member of FRF, which is a sister organization to AGICOA. 

In 2008 Johan Seth became a winner of Tempo Documentary Award for his produced feature documentary “Necrobusiness”, also he won in competition at the Human Rights Festival Albania and IDFA.  Film ”The Eagle Hunter Son” (co-production drama of Germany, Sweden and Denmark, filmed in Mongolia), where Johan was the line producer, won Berlinale 2009 – in competition Generation, OpenDoek Festival Belgian 2009 - Jury Award, Shanghai 2009 - Panorama, Indianapolis USA 2009 - Chrystal Heart Award. The feature documentary “Last Chapter” of 2010 brought the triumph in Nordic Panorama 2011, Sevilla 2010, Docs DF Mexico.

Currently Johan Seth is working on "Sámi Bojá“ Short feature, 2015,“Stay Real“ Feature Documentary, 2017 and “Svetlana Alexijevitj - A journey into the Russian soul” Feature Documentary, 2019.