KIEV CoProduction Meetings 2015 Speakers


In 1995, he graduated from university in Dijon with a DESS in Management and Audiovisual. He also graduated as a lawyer. In 2001 – 2004, he worked as Institutional Financing Director at Ellipse Expand.

In 2005, Frederic founded Baradal company. He serves as an independent consultant for business affairs, monitoring some application files for public fundings like Media but mostly works with international co-production projects, building financing for production and development through coproductions, distribution deals, presales, tax credit etc. Baradal Company collaborates with Gaumont Animation, Millimages, Makever Group, All3Media, FL Concepts, etc. 

Currently Frederic is a consultant of Series Mania Festival’s European Co-production Forum, one of the biggest serial co-production platforms in Europe. He looks for projects in Europe and invite the most relevant TV executives to attend the event.