KIEV CoProduction Meetings 2016 Speakers

Miles CHOI

Bethel's founder and Chief Executive Officer, Miles has extensive experience working in all fields of the media industry including marketing, promotion, production, post-production and funding. Miles has worked with every major broadcaster in Korea, as well as major broadcasters overseas not only in Asia, but also Europe and the Americas. Thanks to his knowledge of the different media environments in various parts of the world, Miles is able to integrate divergent cultural and business elements and forge partnerships to launch productions and fill the needs of companies throughout the industry. Also, as the CEO of Bethel, Miles has an understanding of the various moving parts within the company and coordinates all the different projects which are ongoing so that they become a cohesive whole which helps the company achieve its overall goals and values. He also oversees the long term strategies of the company and gives his staff the resources with which they can meet their project goals. He is singular in the Korean media industry for his vast network inside and outside the country, and this makes him into one of the most in-demand media professionals in Asia.