Program of Film Business conference 2012

8:45Registration of Participants, welcome coffee
9:45 Welcome speech by organizers  Victoria Yarmoshchuk, Media Resources Management, Ukraine
10:00 - 10:30 Film Business in Figures: results of 2011, 1-3 quarters 2012, forecasts, trends, analisys  Artem Vakalyuk, Head of Publishing Projects Content Report and Media Business Report Media Resources Management, Ukraine 
10:30 - 14:00Session 1. Co-production as a profitable venture - reality or fiction?Moderator: Sergey Gratchev, managing partner of law firm MGAP, Russia/Great Britain

Topics to be discussed:

Co-production - The financial aspect. The discussion will deal with the following: private money in the film industry, investment funds, involvement of large foreign studios, co-production of independent projects, taxation, legal regulation of co-production, film production insurance, etc.

Co-production – The producers’  aspect. The discussion will deal with the following issues: deal making, standards and forms, reporting in co-production, control from the partners’ side, budgeting, the lack of the institution of agents, etc.

Co-production – The marketing aspect. The discussion will deal with the following issues: local marketing in the countries participating in the project, the localization of co-production projects (adaptation, creation of a national version of the film with targeted advertising, promotional campaign), etc.

Co-production – The cultural and linguistic aspects. The discussion will deal with the following issues: language and culture, how to make the film interesting and relevant to viewers in each of the partner countries,   overcoming of cultural barriers, language barriers in the film production, problems of communication nodes in co-production.

11:30 - 11:50 Coffee-break

Opening Remarks:

SERGEY GRATCHEV, managing partner of law firm MGAP, Russia/Great Britain


PETER LA TERRIER, vice president of worldwide production in the company  Universal Pictures Int. London, United Kingdom

DR MARTIN SMITH, investment fund Ingenious Media, United Kingdom   


GÁBOR ZANDLER, Head of movies, sports and entertainment at Aon Risk Solutions, Hungary

ALEXEY VLADIMIRSKIY, Sport, Recreation and Entertainment Practice Leader, Aon Rus – Insurance brokers, LLC, Russia

OLGA ZAKONDYRINA, a lawyer in the field of media law, insurance, banking and corporate law at the MGAP Attorneys at Law, Russia/Great Britain

MICHAEL SCHLICHT, CEO at Monumental Pictures, Russia

YEVGENIYA DERBAL, Legal Counsellor at FILM.UA Group , Ukraine

SUZANNE MUAZEN, producer (films "Black Lightning," "Christmas Tree", etc.), Russia

OLENA FETISOVA, producer/director/writer, founder of Interfilm Production Studio, Ukraine

OLEG KOKHAN, General Producer of «SOTA Cinema Group» film company, Ukraine


14:00 - 15:00 Lunch
15.00 - 16.30Session 2. State film support: reality or fiction?Moderator: Denis Rzhavskiy, Head of Motion Picture Association of Ukraine, Ukraine

Topics to be discussed:

Key aims and objectives of the governmental   support of cinematography in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and CIS.

The principles and forms of support of national cinematography, criteria and procedure for selection of projects in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and CIS.

Results of 2011-2012, trends and new approaches in the implementation of film companies’ support in the nearest future.

Government support – producers’ view.


Opening Remarks:

DENIS RZHAVSKIY, Head of Motion Picture Association of Ukraine, Ukraine 


ANNA SHAROVA, Executive Director Advisor at The Federal Foundation for Social and Economic Support of the National Cinematography, Russia

SVETLANA BRILIANTOVA, Head of PR-directorate of the Federal Foundation for Social and Economic Support of Cinematography, Russia

PRYTULA STANISLAV, Head of the Department of State Regulation and Implementation of film projects of the State Cinema Agency, Ukraine


Special Report: 

"Development of alternative film education in Russia and Ukraine" by ANNA KRUTOVA, Vice President of the СТВ Film Company, Russia

16:30-16:50 Coffee-break
16:50-18:30Session 3. Distribution, marketing, profit maximization of the full-length moviesModerator: Artem Vakalyuk, Head of Publishing Projects Content Report and Media Business Reports, Media Resources Management company, Ukraine

Topics to be discussed:

Case study: Successful feature films marketing

Case study:  Successful theatrical releases strategies

The ways of film monetization (theatrical releases, selling rights to TV channels and other alternative platforms etc.)

Viewers’ demand for locally produced content


Opening Remarks:

ARTEM VAKALYUK, Head of Publishing Projects Content Report and Media Business Reports, Media Resources Management company, Ukraine


OLGA GAVRILOVA, Director of Business Development, Media-holding 'Media Group Ukraine', Ukraine

Special reports:

"Marketing strategy of '8 First Dates'" (development stage marketing, actor’s marketing, project’s director selection, production marketing, date and marketing strategy of release, advertising) by ANDREY RADKO, General Producer, Production Center GORAD, Russia

Case study of ‘Vysotskiy. Spasibo, Chto Zhivoy’ theatrical release by GALINA TYMOSHENKO, Markening Director, Galeon kino, Ukraine

18:30 End of the Conference

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