Results of Film Business conference 2013

On September 11 the VI International Conference and Workshop Film Business: Challenges, Features, Opportunities was held in the course of KIEV MEDIA WEKK 2013.

A new format of the conference was more interactive, educational and effective; it became a platform for communication of the market players, for solving problems and sharing experience. The program of the conference included workshops, where experts and participants communicated and shared their experience. Several workshops were running in different sections of the conference area: Film Financing Workshop, Producers' Workshop, Legal Workshop, Visual Effects and Computer Graphics Workshop and Film Promotion Workshop

Among the speakers of Film Business conference were: Simone Baumann, Eastern Europe Representative German Films, Germany; Olga Zakondyrina, MGAP senior advocate, Russia/Great Britain; Razwana Akram, Partner Simons Muirhead & Burton, Great Britain; Kateryna Kopylova, Head of the State cinema agency of Ukraine, Ukraine; Georgy Malkov, General Producer Enjoy movies, Russia; Joël Chapron, Central and Eastern European manager for the promotion of French cinema abroad UNIFRANCE, France; Sergey Tsyptsyn, director of conference CG EVENT, Russia and others.

The Conference gathered about 200 professionals of film industry and representatives of MSM. The new format allowed participants to communicate directly with the most experienced film industry experts from around the world.

Olga Zakondyrina, MGAP senior advocate (Russia/Great Britain), legal workshop expert:


“Sometimes our workshop seemed to be like a usual staff conference. And this year I was very glad to see here the lawyers from three different legal frameworks: Russian, Ukrainian and British. Besides it was great that the workshop encouraged lots of TV channels’ and media groups’ legal departments representatives to join the discussion - we had plenty to talk about”


Joël Chapron, Central and Eastern European manager for the promotion of French cinema abroad UNIFRANCE (France):


"It is very important for the film industry professionals (producers, film festivals organizers, distributors, exhibitors etc.) to have a certain place for meetings, discussions and making business. Conference "Film Business" is an ideal venue for business and platform for collaboration"


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