Film Business 2014 Speakers


Thomas Digard is an animation industry expert. He has a great international working experience: Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, China, South, Korea, Japan.

Since 2010 Thomas Digard is a director of Ankama – a top transmedia French group. It’s a digital creation group focused on entertainment and video game industries that builds its development around a transmedia strategy: online games, animation, publishing, press, music, merchandise, toys, games for consoles and mobile devices. 

Thomas has already directed and developed such Ankama projects:

- TV show Abraca;

- TV show Muffin Jack;

- pilot of feature film Dofus. 

Previously (2001 – 2010 yy.) Thomas worked at Millimages – one of the leading European audiovisual Groups. Over the last 20 years, Millimages has produces and distributed over 400 hours of animated films and series. The scope of its activities also embraces the development and edition of edutainment apps and the distribution of theatrical films, as well as video and VOD edition (Bac Films & Bac Video).

As an animation and technical director (2001 – 2010 yy.) at Millimages/Bacfilms Thomas produced such projects:

- Lascars – Eng. Homies (Season 2 -30x1mn Millimages);

- Lascars – Eng. Homies (Feature Film 96 mn Millimages);

- Arthur en Vrai (Short Film Andemol 12 mn);

- Corneil & Bernie (52x13mn Millimages);

- U  (24 mn Feature Film Prima Linea).

As a director of Borisfen-Lutece Studio & Satellites studios at Millimages/Bacfilms (2002 – 2010 yy.) he supervised 15 TV Shows, 2 Feature Films, 6 Pilots and TV commercials all all animated productions in the studio in Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania.

As a director of animation and director of outsourcing at Millimages/Bacfilms in Asia (2009 – 2010 yy.) Thomas was dealing with outsourcing, supervision and audit studios of animation. 

Thomas Digard’s education:  

- Superior School Estienne of Arts and Graphics Industries/Paris (1995 – 1998 yy.);

- Superior School Duperré of Apply Arts / Paris (1998 – 1999 yy.);

- Gobelins School / Drawer of Animation / Paris (1999 – 2001 yy.).