International Conference Film Business: Challenges, Features, Opportunities

The conference has been held annually in Kiev starting from 2008 and is a popular meeting point for film industry professionals from all over the world. 

Film Business conference is an interactive and working platform for communication for the international and local market players. The program of the conference includes workshops, where experts and attendees share the experience, establish business contacts and discuss current industry matters.  

Film Business conference 2016 had a special focus on the following issues: international coproduction, legislative initiatives and changes in Ukraine, potential of Ukraine for international filmmakers, reports, and analysis of European film industry and case-studies. 

Workshops’ sessions:

  • Financial and Legal Workshop
  • Producers’ Workshop
  • Commercial Animation and Coproduction

The main topics of the conference 2016: state support and film funds, types of financial participation in film projects, international coproduction, role of producer in filmmaking process, legal aspects of film production and coproduction, legislative initiatives and changes, film distribution, perspectives for animation and many others.

Speakers of the conference are always the experienced professionals. The attendees get direct information from the producers of the international level.

You are welcome to review the report on previous conferences here: 20152014, 2013, 2012.

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