PayTV in Ukraine-2015: Model of the Future Market

The conference PayTV in Ukraine: Model of the Future Market

On September 8, in the course of media forum, there also was a conference PayTV in Ukraine 2015: Model for the Future Market. During the conference, a public dialogue between pay TV providers and media group representatives took place for the first time. The leading experts of the industry discussed the most efficient solutions for building healthy business relations inside the system of pay TV media.  

At the discussion panel, there were statements from Gyorgy Zsembery, general director of VOLIA company; Oksana Ferchuk, general director of Viasat company; Ivan Shestakov, marketing director of MEGOGO online cinema; and Sergey Boyko, president of VOLIA company. Other participants of the conference included representatives of Ukrainian and international TV groups: Olga Paskina, senior vice president of Discovery Networks in Northeastern Europe; Grigoriy Lavrov, senior director of Discovery Networks channels in Northeastern Europe; Apostolos Triantafyllou, senior vice president for sales in EUTELSAT; Polina Tolmachova, marketing and PR director at FILM.UA Group; and Vladimir Borodyansky, head of StarLightMedia group.

One of the main informational accents was the transfer of Ukrainian TV market to digital broadcasting. Vladimir Borodyansky announced he was fully ready to encrypt the media group TV channels if not as a part of air platform, which is prohibited by legislation, then on a satellite platform at least.  

Vladimir Borodyansky was not happy that the representatives of Viasat operator do not want to make reciprocal steps and instead bring the situation to a dead-end, calling for the involvement of Zeonbud in the process. However, Oksana Ferchuk, the general director of Viasat, answered she was ready to look at that opportunity. 

Information about PayTV in Ukraine-2015 speakers:

, general manager of VOLIA.

Mr. Zhemberi was born in Hungary. Since 1994, he had worked as a marketing director in Fantazia Media and Communication Consulting. Since 1995, he had occupied a similar post in ArgoszInsurance CO / KBC Bancassurance Group. Since 2000, he had worked in BudapestBank / GE Capital: first as a consumer product management director, and later as a director for business development. Since 2004, he had worked in Invitel Telecommunication: starting from 2004, as a marketing director; starting from 2008, as a sales and marketing director; and starting from 2010, as an operations director. In 2013, he joined VOLIA. 


OKSANA FERCHUK, general manager of Viasat.

Ms. Ferchuk has nine years of experience in telecommunications business. She has occupied the posts of marketing director and sales director in PEOPLEnet, a national provider of telecommunications systems in Ukraine. She worked as a commercial director in MSG as well as in Astel and Mobilochka national networks. Besides, Oksana Ferchuk has six years of experience in MTS on various posts. 


IVAN SHESTAKOV, marketing director of MEGOGO online cinema

Mr. Shestakov has 13 years of experience in Internet technologies and marketing. He embraced management and executive posts in marketing departments of such companies as

Microsoft, Kyivstar, Life:), the United Nations Organization, and also participated in the development of many international startups and businesses. He specializes in the development, marketing and promotion of hi-tech businesses, namely in telecommunications, the Internet, e-commerce, etc.

SERGEY BOYKO, president of VOLIA

Mr. Boyko started his career in 1993 in a legal company. He had been an assistant lawyer, a lawyer, and a head of legal department. In 1995, he established his own legal firm. From 1996 till 2002 he worked in SigmaBleyzer (head of legal department and then head legal counsel, director for special projects, member of board). Since 2002, Mr. Boyko has worked in VOLIA.


The representatives from international TV groups offering their products as well as from Ukrainian TV channels also participated in PayTV in Ukraine-2015.

Discovery Networks representatives: OLGA PASKINA, SVP of Discovery Networks in the North-Eastern Europe and GREGORY LAVROV, Senior Director of Discovery Networks channels in North-Eastern Europe. 


APOSTOLOS TRIANTAFYLLOU, EUTELSAT - Senior Vice-President of Sales for CE Europe & Eurasia. 

His professional career spans over 20 years in operational and managerial positions within the satellite domain. He began in 1993 as an engineer at W.L. Pritchard & Co, a renowned US consulting firm specializing in satellite communications. In 2001, he was among the founding members of Hellas Sat, the Hellenic satellite operator, which he served as Chief Commercial Officer making it a success story. In 2007 he joined Eutelsat, the leading European satellite operator and one of the top three satellite operators in the world.  

Telecommunications Chamber of Ukraine is the head organizer of PayTV in Ukraine-2015, also supported by the leaders of Ukrainian digital entertainment market, i.e. VOLIA, Viasat and MEGOGO companies.

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