Useful information about Ukraine


Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine with population of about 4 million citizens. It is situated on the Dnepr River and boasts architectural monuments that are recognized world treasures. Kyiv is the largest cultural, scientific and industrial center of Ukraine, the place of religious pilgrimage and a very attractive tourist destination. Its beautiful landscapes, parks and gardens charm and captivate. Hospitable Ukrainians will be delighted to introduce Slavic culture to their foreign guests.


State language is Ukrainian. The majority of Ukrainians are bilingual and speak Russian as well. Among foreign languages the most popular is English.


No visas are required for citizens of the following countries: Poland, Hungary, Romania, Mongolia, Former USSR countries (except for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), сitizens of EU, Switzerland, Japan, Canada and United States.

Note: Nationals not referred to in the list above are advised to contact the embassy to check visa requirements. For further details please check here.


The climate is moderately continental and comparatively dry with more than 290 sunny days in the year in the South Ukraine (Black Sea coast, Crimea).

Average winter temperature:

from -8° to -15° C (between +17.6° F and +5° F)
Average summer temperature:
from +18° to +25° C (between +64,4° and +77° F), though in daytime can get up over +35° C (+95° F).

For converting Fahrenheit into Celsius and back the following formula is used:
F = (1,8 x C) + 32 C = 0,55 x (F - 32)


The official currency is the Hryvnia (UAH), which is divided into 100 kopecks. Banks are usually open Monday to Friday until 3pm, and readily exchange Hryvnia for hard currency (banknotes only). US dollars and Euros are exchanged easily at banks and currency offices, and while other currencies can also be exchanged, they are not as widely accepted. ATMs are widely available in all major cities. Travellers cheques are not widely accepted and attract high commission rates and lengthy paperwork. Major restaurants, shops and hotels accept Visa, MasterCard and EuroCard; however credit cards are not widely accepted, particularly in remote areas and smaller establishments. Outside the main cities it is advisable to carry a supply of local currency.

Currency Exchange Rates

1 USD = 21 UAH

1 EUR = 24 UAH

More detailed about currency exchange rates please check here.

Time zone: 

GMT + 2 hours


International Calls to Ukraine and Kyiv

The country code for the Ukraine is 380, although the 0 is included within the area code. The area code for Kyiv is 044.

To call Kyiv from abroad, dial the international access code for your country, and then 380 44 xxxxxxx (e.g. from the UK 00-380-44-xxxxxxx).

International Calls from Ukraine and Kyiv

To call an international number from Ukraine, dial 00-country code-area code-xxxxxxx (e.g. for the UK dial 00-44-xxxx-xxxxxx).

Transport connection

International connection with Kyiv is arranged through Boryspil airport international terminals B and F (37km from Kyiv) and Kyiv Passenger Railway Station (2km to the main street - Khreshchatyk).