Summarizing KMW 2017: 14 events, a thousand tips and a ton of opportunities


Ask foreigners what they know about Kyiv. Someone will say – Maidan or Eurovision, someone will remember Kievan Rus or the sports achievements of the capital's mayor, the more advanced will name the world's deepest metro station and the world’s biggest airplane... If your vis-a-vis is a media person, he will reply: KYIV MEDIA WEEK.

This year KYIV MEDIA WEEK (September 18-22) – an international forum for professionals in the field of television, cinema and other media – was held for the seventh time and offered its guests an unprecedented number of events on the widest possible spectrum of media business. And each of them in one way or another pursued the main goals of the media forum: to help market participants build the proper business relations within the country as well as to consistently and carefully develop partnership with the global community. Having proved that Ukraine can be a full-fledged player of the international media business, KYIV MEDIA WEEK annually expands the geography of attending countries. 2017 was not an exception: for example, this time China and Moldova were added to the list of potential partners of Ukraine interested in cooperation at the level of industries, and relations with South Korea, established last year, moved to a qualitatively new level. 

Organizer of KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2017 – Media Resources Management consultancy – held 14 large-scale business and educational events, as well as a Grand Party. In order not to get confused and miss the key stuff, we offer a brief overview of the events of the past KMW – both traditional and special, devoted to the most burning issues and trends.


KMW’s International Content Market – has been and remains the foundation of the media forum. The two-days marketplace serves as a bridge between buyers and sellers from the CIS, Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. This year, among the attendees were companies from 30 countries including international giants FrematleMedia (UK), Global Agency (Turkey), Red Arrow International (Germany), BBC Worldwide (UK), Sky Vision (UK), all3media international (UK), Talpa Global (the Netherlands), Banijay Rights (UK), Small World IFT (USA) and others >>> learn more


In addition to traditional screenings of non-scripted formats and series from the leading international prodcos and distributors reflecting the latest trends in the global content industry (it is noteworthy that three of the 57 presented projects were created in Ukraine), the event included a range of keynotes and presentations, useful both for companies developing and adapting formats. CEO of CEETV Georgi R. Chakarov spoke about projects that defined 2017 on the global level (for example, Ninja Warrior, The Wall, The Story of My Life etc.). Co-chairman of FRAPA and CEO of Missing Link Media Jan Selling presented ways to protect formats that one need to know before exporting the project to the international market. And David Ciaramella from British company K7 Media (intellectual partner of KMW) illustrated the trend of this year – when the companies around the globe revive old TV formats, and also turn once popular movie franchises into successful series (such as Lethal Weapon, The Exorcist, etc.). Representatives of Banijay Rights (UK), BBC Worldwide (UK), Talpa Global (the Netherlands), Ukrainian Kvartal 95 and FILM.UA Group joined the panel discussion moderated by C21 Media’s editorial director Ed Waller to talk over the peculiarities of exporting and importing formats. Panellists agreed that when creating a project with international potential, first of all it is necessary to focus on the local audience, and only then – on the entire world >>> learn more


KYIV CoProduction Meetings is an international platform for promoting TV projects that are in search of partners and stimulating the development of co-production in the region. This year, the event turned into a B2B Doc CoProduction Meetings forum, entirely dedicated to the joint production of documentary content. The co-organizer of the event was an international platform Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network (B2B Doc), which develops cooperation between documentarians from the Baltic and Black Sea regions (Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia) to create and implement joint projects, as well as provide comprehensive assistance to projects with international potential.

The main feature and value of the forum is international pitching, during which pre-selected projects can find partners for development and distribution, as well as receive valuable advice from experts (all participants underwent preliminary training with Swedish documentarians, and after pitching the producers had individual meetings with the directors). By the way, B2B Doc CoProduction Meetings in the course of KYIV MEDIA WEEK became the first forum where projects from several B2B Doc member countries were presented, namely – 9 projects from five countries. The jury included cinematographers, representatives of festivals and TV channels from the Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Canada and Poland. And within the educational program of the forum, Swedish producer Johan Seth presented the case-study and screened the project Svetlana Alexievich: The Biggest Lie is the Documentary >>> learn more


The full name of the conference – Film Business: Challenges, Features, Opportunities – speaks for itself: this year the organizers paid special attention to Ukraine's cooperation with foreign cinematographers. Speech of the head of the platform of the Istanbul Film Festival Meetings on the Bridge Gülin Ustun was dedicated to co-production with Turkey; the founder of Frakas Productions Jean-Yves Rubin told about the co-productions between France and Belgium; Italian producer Cristiano Bortone, head of the Bridging the Dragon initiative, revealed the secrets of cooperation with China (not only co-production, but also distribution in this territory). It should be noted that this year the conference program was replenished with successful case studies from Ukraine: producers Sergey Lavrenyuk and Valeriy Kozlitinov told about the promotion of DZIDZIO Contrabass movie, which in less than a month completely paid off in the Ukrainian box office. Representatives of Ukrainian and Slovak film companies together with the head of the Ukrainian State Film Agency Pylyp Illienko discussed the festival success of the films The Line and Easy created in co-production with Slovakia and Italy with state support of Ukraine. How to make a successful local project told Estonian producer Kristian Taska on the example of Class Reunion produced by Taska Film, which collected a home box office in the amount of 1 million euros.

In addition, Lyubov Krokhmalna, head of international co-production of Media Resources Management, shared her experience in bringing projects to the international market. The implementation of digital technologies into the film industry was covered by the general producer of Odessa International Film Festival Julia Sinkevych together with the representative of the TA Ventures fund Maksym Kuznetsov >>> learn more


The conference, organized for the fourth time in the course of KMW with the support of VOLIA company, this time was held under the motto Carpe Diem (aka ‘catch the moment’). Its participants – representatives of the largest providers, television groups and other players of the pay-TV market – discussed the most burning issues of the industry. Among them: the development of OTT (IPTV) measurements and the prospects for advertisers on the niche channels using alternative measurement data, the upcoming analogue switch-off and the encryption of satellite TV signals, the development of non-linear services, anti-piracy campaign, state regulation and self-regulation, and the development of common rules for all market players >>> learn more


Panel discussions and reports at the eighth industry conference, which annually gathers all the Ukraine's TV execs, were devoted to the work of television industry in the conditions of the rapid development of digital and new media, current situation in the advertising market and its prospects, the interaction of linear and pay-TV markets, the upcoming legislative changes (introduction of quotas on Ukrainian language), as well as peculiarities of news production and comedy TV projects in current Ukrainian realities. In addition, in the course of the conference, its organizer – the Industrial Television Committee, representing the interests of the television industry of Ukraine – showcased the reform of Teletriumf – the main TV award of the country, as well as Ukrainian TV Academy that assigns it. So, there are professional guilds within the Academy now, and the prize will be awarded on Emmy-like principle >>> learn more

If at traditional KMW conferences different areas of media business were discussed in a comprehensive manner, special events of the forum worked out important topics for the industry locally. For example, several round tables were devoted to a number of countries, cooperation with which Ukraine is building.


While many nations are only dreaming of entering the multibillion-dollar Chinese market, Ukraine is taking the first confident steps in this direction. This was proven by the roundtable discussion held in the course of KMW where representatives of China Radio International, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Ukraine, the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine and the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine (UA:PBC) not only talked over the prospects for partnership between countries, but also signed an agreement on cooperation in the production of content  between China Radio International and UA:PBC – the first of the planned partnership agreements between Ukrainian and Chinese media companies. As a member of the National Council Valentin Koval noted, there are several very interesting joint projects in the framework of the Chinese program “One Belt, One Road”, which is called to revive the cooperation schemes with the states located today on the Great Silk Road >>> learn more


Expansion of cultural and economic partnership between Ukraine and the Republic of Korea remains one of the priority directions of both countries’ international activities. Therefore, implementing into KMW program the special events dedicated to cooperation between Ukrainian and Korean media industries two years in a row is quite insightful. This year, such an event was held in the roundtable discussion format, and succeeded by the signing of a memorandum of cooperation for audiovisual content production (from Ukraine – Ukrainimafilm and the Ukrainian Animation Association, from South Korea – Korea Radio Promotion Association and Korea Animation Producers Association). Another memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Ukrainian FILM.UA Group and the Korea Radio Promotion Association, which was the result of Ukrainian official delegation’s productive business trip to Seoul in autumn of 2016.

Representatives of Korea Radio Promotion Association, Korea Animation Producers Association, production company OrangeBerry Inc., Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Korea to Ukraine, representatives of the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine, the TV Group Media Group Ukraine, studio Animagrad and state enterprise Ukrainimafilm took part in the roundtable discussion. The participants presented joint projects launched in 2016 and discussed new forms of cooperation in all spheres of media >>> learn more


If with South Korea and China we are united by a great desire to move forward and develop in all possible directions, proximity of territories, similar socio-economic conditions, legislative initiatives and, eventually, mentality can become important factors for partnership with neighbouring countries. This year, Ukraine and Moldova have seriously considered creating joint content for the first time and declared their intentions during a special roundtable discussion organized at KYIV MEDIA WEEK with the support of the US Embassy in Moldova. Heads of the Coordination Council for Television and Radio of the Republic of Moldova, the National Film Center, the Union of Cinematographers of Moldova, the companies CasaMedia and Teleradio-Moldova, as well as their Ukrainian colleagues from National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting, State Committee of Ukraine and Ukrainian Film Association, media giants FILM.UA Group and Media Group Ukraine discussed the prospects for co-production, distribution of content and the creation of joint educational programs >>> learn more


One of the hottest events of KMW 2017 was the master class about digital content, organized by FILM.UA Faculty – joint educational program of FILM.UA Group and Media Resources Management. Representatives of FILM.UA Group, Starlight Digital, partner network for YouTube bloggers AIR, Internet agency UaMaster and VoD platform Megogo on the example of successful cases spoke about ways to monetize content online, promoting it on different platforms and territories and about the peculiarities of working with bloggers. The conference also covered content marketing of big brands, working with advertisers, the prospects for VoD platforms in Ukraine and much more >>> learn more


After the Film Business conference, KMW 2017 hosted the Ukrainian Creative Europe Forum, organized by the Ukrainian Motion Picture Association with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency, with the participation of the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine and the National Bureau of Creative Europe Programme in Ukraine. The event was dedicated to the process of Ukraine's integration into the European media market. The industry presented the possibilities of the Creative Europe program, and also discussed the development of an algorithm of actions necessary for Ukraine's full membership in this program. As Yulia Fediv, Head of Creative Europe Desk Ukraine, noted, in 2015 Ukraine joined the program on preferential terms: the country's participation in the Culture sub-programme (theatre, literature, exhibitions, cultural heritage) and access to only four out of 14 directions of the subprogram MEDIA (Education, Festivals, Audience development and Access to markets). While full membership also provides support for the production, development and distribution of movies, video games, television projects, new media. To fully participate in the program and get access to all its capabilities, it is first and foremost necessary to bring our legislation in the audiovisual sphere in line with the EU legislation.

But there are also good news: those who develop the relevant legislation assured, that dynamic work is going on at the moment, and there are already some positive results. And the head of the Ukrainian State Film Agency Pylyp Illienko noted that the state of the industry allows to cooperate productively with European colleagues – Ukraine is already actively participating in the filming of European movies as a minority partner. And, of course, representatives of state authorities and the media industry agreed that participation in the program gives huge advantages, so the necessary legislation should be adopted as soon as possible >>> learn more


Another global trend, to which Ukraine seeks leaps and bounds, is the fight against Internet piracy. To demonstrate successful cases and establish a constructive dialogue on further actions to protect copyrights, a thematic conference was held at KYIV MEDIA WEEK, organized by the Clear Sky initiative (anti-piracy association of Ukrainian TV groups). Practical solutions to combat piracy, including the application of anti-piracy norms of the law, which came into force in April 2017, were presented by Ukrainian television groups and the Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Association (UAPA) representing key filmmakers and distributors. Among the attendees there were TV execs, media business owners and lawyers of Ukrainian and international companies. Summarizing the results of their discussions, one may say that every method is good – firstly, the cooperation with the cyber policy and filing lawsuits. Secondly, round-the-clock monitoring of pirate resources, social media and search requests with subsequent blocking of illegal content (as the service created by the 1+1 media TV group successfully does). And finally, monitoring brand advertising on pirated sites (held by UAPA and Clear Sky) to leave pirates without funding. Well, the main advice to rights holders is to consolidate, because without this the system changes, including improvement of legislation, are impossible >>> learn more


Another special event of KMW 2017, based on successful cases and practical recommendations of professionals, was dedicated to production and distribution of series. It is no wonder that every seat in the conference room was occupied. Ivan Bukreev, director of NLO TV, was moderating. The section also featured representatives of MIDPOINT (European platform for the development of film and television projects), Independent Production Fund (the Canadian fund that supports the producers of web series), HBO Central Europe and Israeli producer Maria Feldman (Homeland, False Flag). The guests told how to turn the idea into a solid series, how to find help from relevant European experts and on what principles HBO invests in the production of original TV series in Central and Eastern Europe. The international experts shared with Ukrainian colleagues their experience of producing web series and cooperation with world-class producers (from the provision of production services to licensing formats rights), and what should be noted when developing projects for the international market.

Representatives of Ukraine and NLO TV channels told about Ukrainian problems and trends in drama production sphere. The event was held in the course of TViySerial project (Eng. ‘Your TV series’) - joint initiative by Media Resources Management and the Media Group Ukraine aiming to create culture of production and consumption of scripted content in Ukraine >>> learn more


A long-term international trend of creating films based on literary works is discussed for the second year in a row at KYIV MEDIA WEEK. This time a special event was hosted by renowned Ukrainian literary critic Tatiana Trofimenko. “Fresh works of modern Ukrainian literature have great potential for adaptation in various forms – from animated series to feature film”, – says Tatiana. The list of promising works in the 2016 year's report included, in particular, mystical thriller from Max Kidruk “Don’t Look Back and Stay Silent” as well as his dramatic techno-thriller “Look Into My Dreams”, a collection of novellas by Kateryna Kalytko “The Land of the Lost Ones, or Little Scary Tales”, a dilogy about war by Volodymyr Refeyenko entitled “The Longitude of Days”, a book by Artem Chapay “Dad on Paternity Leave”, a novel by Larysa Denysenko “Maya and Her Moms”, a dystopian novel “Pomyrana” by Taras Antypovych, an adventure science fiction novel about the war between Ukraine and Russia “The Third Front” by Vladyslav Ivchenko, a novel about Odessa bohemian life “Tanzher” by Ivan Kozlenko, and also one more novel about war – “The Eastern Syndrome” by Yulia Ilyukha >>> learn more 

KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2017 in figures

  • 14 events and the International Content Market
  • 120 speakers
  • 49 conference hours
  • 1050 attendees
  • 32 countries
  • 315 companies 

Official partner of KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2017 – EUTELSAT 

The VIII edition of KMW will be held on September 17–21, 2018 in Hyatt Regency Kyiv (5 Alla Tarasova St., Kyiv, Ukraine).