Ukrainian Media Market Volume Costs at Least $700 mln.

8 September 2015, 14:52

That is the sum he mentioned during the conference PayTV in Ukraine, held in the course of the V international mediaforum KYIV MEDIA WEEK. The head of StarLightMedia said this is the lowest figure, while actually it may be much higher – several billions.

Answering the question asked by Oksana Ferchuk, Viasat managing director, why not to cut down expenses, Borodyanskyi told that the management of any media group knows how to make it profitable. But they will not be profitable all. Never. So, he does not want to ‘help’ competitors by reducing expenditures on production.

He said that it would be much better to finally complete the transition to DTT, as it the fourth year already when StarLightMedia is paying for both analogue and digital signal. The price tag is about 60-70 mln. UAH a year, and the other three media groups pay no less, so it is at least 1 billion UAH paid within the whole period of simulcast. The money could be invested into production instead.

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