Beyond Screens: about VR/AR, design and UX

21 August 2019, 14:46

As Mixed Reality becomes a standard form of interaction, most of our accepted methods for interacting with digital content will no longer apply — what does it mean to design and work in a space that allows much more freedom for users and requires much more flexibility from the designer?

Alysha Naples, Chief Experience Officer at Tin Drum, Immersive Experience Designer and Co-active Coach, is going to visit KYIV MEDIA WEEK to highlight the topic of VR/AR, design and UX in content audiovisual industry and offer a new vision of this topic. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and machine learning are the new ways people interact, conduct business and understand the world around us. Immersive technologies move out of the novelty game-play space into mainstream, and film making industry is one of the most relevant fields of this new technologies application. 

 Alysha will make a forecast on the future of the world, where VR and AR become a very commonplace for people to live and communicate. In her presentation she will make the audience aware of AV and VR potential and how it can enrich the industry, but also mention threats the technology might bring to the world when “creators can beam content right to the people’s heads, eyes and ears”. She will touch upon the important topics of humanism and social responsibility, communities and interaction between different groups of people, cultural and psychological aspects of VR and UX technologies utilization.

She mentions “This innovation is not about technology – it is about what those breakthroughs do to us as humans and to the world that we inhabit, it is not about the breakthroughs – it is about the unintended consequences because they are the things that stick with us long after the breakthrough has been made”.

Alysha Naples is an immersive experience designer andco-active coach with over 20 years of experienceintechnology and design. In her previous role as Magic Leap's Senior Director of User Experience and Interaction, she worked on interactions modalities for VR and AR interfaces. On her current position as a Chief Experience Officer at Tin Drum (a production studio and technology developer using volumetric moving photography of real people to create presentations of performance, narrative and installation) Alysha takes part in innovative and artistic projects. Namely, she has recently collaborated with the artist Marina Abramović, directing a segment of her volumetric augmented-reality artwork “The Life”. In September 2017, Tin Drum premiered “Tartuffe,” the world’s first volumetric XR short, which features 15 volumetrically photographed characters. 

As an international speaker, Alysha covers challenging topics of future design, education, innovation, women in tech, and the role of experience in virtual and augmented realities.

Alysha’s core philosophy is that products are a reflection of the cultures in which they were created, and that transformative products require an investment in building and nurturing authentic and diverse work cultures. Alysha works to raise awareness about the importance of designing experiences for individuals that allow them to achieve their goals in whichever reality they choose.

Presentation by Alysha Naples “BEYOND SCREENS – VR/AR, design and UX” is scheduled for September 17 at 10:00 (Paris conference hall).

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The 9th international media forum KYIV MEDIA WEEK will be held on September 16-19 in Hyatt Regency Kyiv, Ukraine.