Report: Cinematographic Literature

Movies based on literary works is an international trend. Opportunities of adaptation of Ukrainian literature – a brief review of contemporary authors. Tatiana Trofimenko, literature specialist, literary critic (Ukraine) became the speaker of a special report "Cinematographic Literature" in the course of KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2017.

The organizers of the international media forum KMW, following the world trends in the development of the content industry and the interests of local market players, supplemented the events line-up with a special report "Cinematographic Literature" dedicated to the prospects for cooperation of Ukrainian cinematographers with domestic writers.



For the first time the section devoted to literature in the cinema was included into the program of the international conference "Film Business" in the course of KYIV MEDIA WEEK in 2016, provoking great interest among the audience. In 2017, this important topic has a separate event, open to everyone.

In our country, the national cinema and literature are in similar situations – these two types of art have lacked the attention and support of viewers and readers for a long time. Today, on the wave of national consciousness and the growing interest of the international community to our country, Ukrainian cinema and literature will undoubtedly benefit by uniting efforts aimed at creating new stories, spreading new ideas, opening new names for Ukraine and the entire world.

In the report "Cinematographic Literature" a literature specialist and literary critic Tatiana Trofimenko presented a selection of works of modern Ukrainian literature, which, according to experts, have the potential for adaptation. The variety of works by genre and subject can satisfy any requests of producers, providing a choice among fairytales, adventure and detective novels, thrillers and fiction.

The list of promising works in the 2016 year's report included, in particular, the fairytale of Kateryna Babkina "The Cap and the Whale", the unreleased novel by Vladislav Ivchenko "The Fighters of the Unseen Front", the novel-investigation of Larysa Denysenko "Echo: from Fallen Grandfather to the Dead", Max Kidruk's thriller "Cruel Sky", adventure novel by Yuri Vinnichuk "Pharmacist", Tanya Malyarchuk’s biographical novel "Oblivion", fantastic anti-utopia by Taras Antipovich "Chronos", etc.

A special report "Cinematographic Literature" was held on September 19 at Hyatt Regency Kyiv (Ukraine).