Keri Lewis Brown

31 July 2015, 12:15

"This will be the forth time K7 Media attends KIEV MEDIA WEEK and our first time as an official Knowledge Partner in 2015. The FORMAT SHOW, which sets the scene for conversation and discovery across KIEV MEDIA WEEK, has been an especially productive forum for us in the past and it’s a privilege to be addressing this popular event. We’re looking forward to meeting key industry players from Ukraine and across the world, as well as sharing some of K7 Media’s own insights on emerging formats and leading trends intelligence"

Vladimir Zelenskiy

15 July 2015, 14:18

"I can confidently say that high quality content can be and already is produced in Ukraine, honorably meeting international competition. Today attention of European and international media business players is drawn to Ukraine. And we are ready to buy, sell and co-produce content. It’s great that there is KIEV MEDIA WEEK - networking platform which unites professionals and friends, gives an opportunity to set new business contacts and stimulates Ukrainian and CIS media market development"    

Iurii Artemenko

1 July 2015, 13:27

"Media is one of the most dynamic spheres today. It changes and develops tremendously nowadays, which makes it challenging to follow. That is the main reason why Ukrainian media industry needs an actual reinvention. We need to develop local production as well as to create high quality international content locally and in coproduction with other countries. KIEV MEDIA WEEK is an international platform that contributes to creating and developing a professional dialog on a high informational level. I believe that fresh start of Ukrainian media industry, which takes its dignified place at international market, will begin in the course of such events as KIEV MEDIA WEEK"

Olga Zakharova

17 June 2015, 11:48

"As a speaker and participant in KIEV MEDIA WEEK I would sure say that it is a perfect forum for discussions and a proper site for the market players striving to gain an insight into today’s trends and get an idea of the way the wind blows on the media market. KIEV MEDIA WEEK is a golden opportunity to find partners, meet those on the same page with you,  pose  questions  to your competitors learning something new  about yourself from those who would be intent to listen to you. As of today it’s kind of the best event in Ukraine undertaking a mission of the industry development through exchange of experience and organization of a dialogue among all market players"

Victoriia Liezina

11 June 2015, 12:26

"Interconnection with the colleagues from the market is a must. We share information and develop while communicating. I support the idea that we need to create associations and conglomerations of producers and showrunners. We need to share experience and create common databases. It makes our job easier and helps to civilize our market" 

Igor Storchak

29 October 2014, 14:22

"KIEV MEDIA WEEK is organized on a very high level every year. The reason is that our colleagues who arrange the media forum are driven by the examples of successful European markets. Those who couldn’t make it to KIEV MEDIA WEEK 2014, we are waiting for you next year!"

Katriel Schory

20 August 2014, 14:35

"We are a talent-driven business and we should remember that one of our main roles is to trace gifted people and identify stories. Film Business Conference in Kiev is a very good platform to meet new talents and exchange stories" 

Georgy Malkov

30 July 2014, 11:33

“KIEV MEDIA WEEK is an important event for Ukrainian, Russian as well as the whole European film industry. Every year movie business experts from all over the world have a great opportunity not only to meet and discuss current market situation but also to broaden their professional network and partnership. We try to make it to the conference every year and what is more important – we always leave Kiev with a great impression, fresh ideas and new contacts”

Anna Katchko

23 July 2014, 13:21

"Film industry professionals’ dialog between different countries is simply necessary today, it allows to follow rapidly developing industry trends and to stay competitive. That’s why such event as KIEV MEDIA WEEK (KMW), targeted on experience exchange, is especially valuable. I am glad that thanks to KMW I got an opportunity to know more about today’s film industry situation in Ukraine. I believe, that Ukraine has a great creative potential that will be revealed worldwide one day. As any producer, I am always searching for new ideas and projects"

Alexey Trotsyuk

2 July 2014, 16:45

“I’m expecting an exciting and interesting discussion at the upcoming KIEV MEDIA WEEK. Also I find the media forum as a great networking event and simply friendly atmosphere to be a part of. I stay positive while planning my trip and hope that all the rough goings in the news today we are going to see only in movies tomorrow. Formation and development of industry professionals can simply become non-competitive without having such events. Everything changes too rapidly and it is difficult to make effective decisions in such a chaos. It is impossible to become successful in media without true-to-life experience exchange during such forums as KIEV MEDIA WEEK”


Tim Crescenti

25 June 2014, 11:06

"KIEV MEDIA WEEK is simply awesome! In only three years, it has become a must-attend market for us.  Well, actually, just after the first year, it became a must-attend! The event was so well-organized and attended, allowing us to make new personal connections in this tremendously important territory. We sold two formats just from that first market edition! I am so thrilled for Victoria Yarmoshuk and her team, as a fan of theirs, seeing this market double in the second year, then even more in the third year.  I am proud to be associated with KIEV MEDIA WEEK and will ALWAYS be there to support, attend and even serve cocktails. First-rate, first-class event and people.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your market and a friend"

Razwana Akram

18 June 2014, 12:16

"It was my first visit to this part of the world and KIEV MEDIA WEEK as well. I find that everything was running smoothly, well and professionally organized. The event rolls a lot of people from different territories that make it necessary for the international cooperation. It has healthy and strong future"

Julien Ezanno

4 June 2014, 13:16

“KIEV MEDIA WEEK is very interesting and useful operation for professionals in the industry to be aware of what’s going on in Ukraine and abroad. Producers explain how they work while we explain how our system does and give some tips for successful co-production” 

Avi Armoza

21 May 2014, 14:13

KIEV MEDIA WEEK is a very important event for us, enabling us to receive an in-depth look into the dynamic Ukrainian TV Market,  the CIS and CEE regions, understanding the countries' needs while building and strengthening our partnerships on a regional basis.

Rod Caird

8 May 2014, 10:17

I have attended KIEV MEDIA WEEK twice and it is without doubt the key entry point to a huge and valuable TV market.  Nowadays no European producer or distributor can afford to ignore one of the world’s fastest developing media centres and Kiev is vital - as well as being a wonderful place to visit!

Michael Grindon

2 August 2013, 11:47

The upcoming KIEV MEDIA WEEK will be a great opportunity to discuss the dynamic trends that are impacting the television business in the CIS territories and around the world. For those of us who are in television business, it’s a great chance to exchange business views, advanced discussions and just a chance reconnect with old friends.

Yuri Sapronov

14 August 2012, 12:07

KIEV MEDIA WEEK is our important strategic partner, we work with a big success and pleasure on its forward-looking and fast developing Market. During the time of cooperation with KMW, our company has implemented a range of exciting ideas and has built flexible networking system. Therefore we grow and acquire a fortune together

Izzet Pinto

23 July 2012, 17:13

As Ukraine and CIS countries are becoming more and more powerful as format buyers, we are excited to attend KIEV MEDIA WEEK for the first time. With our understanding of the importance of this region in the industry, we are happy to launch our brand new formats here prior to other markets

Viktoria Tigipko

5 July 2012, 16:51

Ukraine is one of the few remaining big European film markets, which has not yet fully developed its growth potential. It is constantly growing and we are on the threshold of Ukraine being seen as an independent territory, and not as an affix of a neighboring country. Professional networking is an absolute necessity for a developing market. So, the more platforms there are for such networking, the better. Odessa International Film Festival contributes to this process by organizing Film market and a separate professional section. Consequently, we cooperate and foster partnership with KIEV MEDIA WEEK – the largest media conference in Ukraine

Rick McCallum

22 June 2012, 12:53

It is absolutely imperative for independent producers to have the opportunity to meet with potential partners from all over Europe.  KIEV MEDIA WEEK is a must "go to" event that can help all producers bridge the gap between Western, Central and Eastern Europe. I can think of no other place that is more suited to help foster cooperation and exploit business opportunities than in the Ukraine - Europe as a whole can compete with America in its television and film productions if there is the will to understand what audiences want to see. This is about talent and business - you can't have one without the other. It is absolutely vital for the Ukraine to elevate its film business quickly and efficiently. And there is no better way to do this than to share knowledge and seek new ways to cooperate and work together to get important, provocative and daring films made

Nicola Söderlund

14 July 2011, 15:27

KIEV MEDIA WEEK gives the international TV industry a unique opportunity to develop contacts and understanding of the Ukrainian TV-market. Ukraine is especially interesting since international formats have been booming there for the last years. Local TV stations switched into a real race for European, American and Asian TV formats to adapt them for the CIS television. International coproduction is also developing, so that Ukrainian and Russian producers cooperate not only with each other, but look for the partners in Europe and North America, as well as in China and India. So I believe KIEV MEDIA WEEK is essentially a must-visit event for anyone who wants to do television business in CIS

(Ex-President of Sparks Network)

Joel Chapron

16 June 2011, 14:46

I have been waiting for such an event for a long time. Ukraine is indeed a very special country for cinema, between Russia and the European Union. Therefore, Kiev may become a bridge between these two big cinematographies. Furthermore, the Ukrainian film market itself has a great potential due to its population, but also to the long history of cinema which has been shot there for more than one century. Nowadays, the situation is more difficult than it had been, but I witness the changes which occurred these few past years and am really happy that this Media Week takes place now! It is urgent for the region to learn more about cinema in Ukraine, and for Ukrainian cinema business to learn more about the experiences of other countries

Sergey Karataev

10 June 2011, 11:56

I think, that the idea of KIEV MEDIA WEEK is really very important and up-to-date. Regional media business community crucially needs new ways of cooperation. And I believe Kiev has all the potential to become that very platform, which will bring together post-Soviet territories. KIEV MEDIA WEEK could cause new impulse for business development and improve the atmosphere of professional business community

Gerry Sanoff

9 June 2011, 20:47

Personally, I believe that the value of Kiev Media Week is so profound because the event distinguishes itself from all other International summits. Kiev Media Week is less about the securing of business deals and more concerned with providing its participants with a "passport of knowledge". In this ever changing, ever growing industry, it is incumbent upon all media professionals, both creative and technical, to share and exchange ideas and Kiev Media Week provides that very forum

Alexander Rodnyansky

3 June 2011, 16:01

I am extremely impressed with the idea of organizing and conducting KIEV MEDIA WEEK. This initiative, to create a media forum, in fact, is a common platform for communication and exchange of experience for experts of media and film industry from various countries, is useful primarily for the Ukrainian professional community. It will finally allow to look around and feel the main global trends. It is no secret that the film industry is dictated by the standards of English-speaking world: that watching the United States, wondering around the world. In the West, Film and TV - is a powerful industry with proven technology and experience in production and promotion of media content. There is much to learn and, most importantly, we have to learn if we seriously want to talk about the film business in Ukraine

Victor Mirsky

20 May 2011, 18:27

I believe KIEV MEDIA WEEK provides great opportunity to evaluate the real situation in Ukrainian film and media industry, as well as to represent our potential to foreign partners. In context of the industry development – Ukraine is considered to be very promising country, and KIEV MEDIA WEEK is that particular forum that will move Ukrainian producers to a new level of international cooperation

Anne Kirsipuu

19 May 2011, 16:28

Eastern Europe television industry in one of the most promising and fast growing markets, and that's why this region appears to be one of the top-priority business directions for Fremantle Media. We are interested in active cooperation with the channels, broadcasters, large prodcos in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other Central and Eastern European countries. KIEV MEDIA WEEK gives us the opportunity to network with them at one time and in one place. This is a good chance to enhance cooperation and mutually beneficial contracts. That’s why we are ready to introduce at KIEV MEDIA WEEK several completely new formats and specialties ahead of MIPCOM 2011

Vladimir Borodyansky

17 May 2011, 15:57

STB has been the first TV-channel in Ukraine that has produced and aired top international format talent-show locally what  became a new landmark for national television.  We, as well as other TV-channels, are looking toward to move national industry to a new level, and for sure KIEV MEDIA WEEK will open new opportunities for Ukrainian media business