How to make digital content work for you in 2018?

FILM.UA Faculty master class in the course of KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2017 brought together leading Ukrainian producers of digital content for YouTube and VoD platforms. 


During the master class, the following topics were discussed:

1. YouTube channels – a full-fledged content delivery site?

What is YouTube for media groups and large content producers – a second screen with backstages, additional materials, or a way to reach viewers who do not watch TV?

Speakers: Anna Eliseeva, creative producer at FILM.UA Group; Nick Feingold, commercial director at StarLightDigital 

2. Is it possible to earn on YouTube with serious content while video for kids are on top?

How to find your niche, target audience and monetize your YouTube channel.

Speaker: Vira Slyvinska, Head of AIR Brands

3. YouTube as a way to drive content marketing of big business

How Storytelling on YouTube helps to convert a viewer to a buyer. Is YouTube a way to earn money or is it only an auxiliary mechanism for an online store?

Speaker: Eugen Shevchenko, CEO of Internet-agency UaMaster 

4. Digital content made by VoD platforms

Is there any future for the original content of Ukrainian VoD platforms and what is it? The first steps of Ukrainians in this market.

Speaker: Ivan Shestakov, marketing director of Megogo 

Master class on digital content was held on September 19, 2017 at Hyatt Regency Kyiv (Ukraine).