Media Business. Reload. The 11th International Media Forum KYIV MEDIA WEEK opens registration for participants

6 August 2021, 13:31

The main event of the Ukrainian AV industry – the International Media Forum KYIV MEDIA WEEK, organized by Media Resources Management (MRM), will take place on September 14-15.

Over the past year and a half, the world has changed dramatically. Hence, survival strategies, long-term planning, and innovative solutions for the sustainability of the media business in times of uncertainty remain relevant. Media Business. Reload is the integral idea of KMW 2021: international and local media experts will analyze the audiovisual industry in the times of the "new normality", talk about the prospects of its development, share their experience of taking correct and wrong decisions, and finding anchor points in the chaos of the present.

KMW 2021 will be held in a hybrid format and combine the benefits of live communication and remote participation. All events will take place at the Hyatt Regency Kyiv hotel with a limited number of attendees. At the same time, a live online broadcast on the analytical digital platform Media Business Reports (MBR) will be open for everyone and for free.

The two-day KMW 2021 program includes more than 15 sessions: panel discussions, presentations, reports, and inspirational talks by the international media experts, audiovisual industry trendsetters, government officials, and top managers of the leading media companies and productions from around the world. Forum participants will learn about the latest trends, successful cases, and new values in the AV industry, innovative technologies, and their use by leading media companies.

This year's Forum, supported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency, will focus on promoting Ukrainian AV content on the global media market and the development of international partnerships. A panel discussion with government officials, business, and independent initiatives representatives, dedicated to analysing the current state of things and visions of the future of the Ukrainian film and television industry will open KMW 2021. The Forum will also provide a broad discussion of topics dedicated to drama – one of the most dynamic areas of the Ukrainian content industry. "Ukraine" TV Channel is a partner of the events dedicated to TV series.

The knowledge base of KMW – research and reviews of the media market in Ukraine and abroad, prepared specifically for the Forum by analytical companies K7 Media and Glance Mediametrie, and the analytical department of the MRM company. They will provide relevant and accurate data for conclusions and business plans for the next year. In particular, the following studies will be presented on the KMW – Trends in TV Viewing in Ukraine; Film Production: What Does the State Spend Money On; Ukrainian TV Series Market Overview; Ukrainian Broadcasters’ Wishlist; Ukrainian VoD Market: Dynamics, Trends, Readiness to Produce Original Content.

An essential focus of the Forum will be on international co-production. In the context of recent legislative changes that make cooperation with Ukraine more attractive in the eyes of international partners, it is possible to outline more clearly the practical prospects of Ukraine on the global map of film production and distribution. Within the session organized with the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Motion Picture Association, experts will discuss the opportunities for collaboration that open up for producers after the signing of the agreement between the two countries. The industry session of this year's Toronto International Film Festival will also include this event.

KMW, in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, is preparing a session featuring leading EU broadcasters and newsmakers that will present their groundbreaking technological innovations and their role in combating disinformation in the media. 

The program of the 11th KMW will also include an exclusive lineup of three sessions developed specifically forContent Ukraine on Demand project, which will take place on September 6-10, 2021 on C21 Media (UK). The event aims to promote the Ukraine AV content industry globally and encourage broader partnerships and collaboration opportunities. KYIV MEDIA WEEK participants will witness: Evolving Ukrainian Drama, New Coproduction and Distribution Models, and Ukrainian Broadcasters panel discussions. 

Kateryna Udut, CEO of Media Resources Management (MRM): "Our lives split into pre- and post-pandemic eras, the world has changed. We are all adapting to new realities – in personal worldview as well as social and professional context.  It applies not only to the media industry – the whole world is undergoing significant transformations. One thing is clear now – in order not to drown in the whirlpool of change, you need to keep an eye on the latest trends and be ready to adapt to the challenges in one way or another. Risk forecasting and developing a "B" plan, and even better "C" and "D" are now a must in any business.

At the same time, these changes have opened up new opportunities for creativity: now, as we move online, the content industry is flourishing in the digital space like never before. It is a new chapter in our history, waiting to be filled with new meanings – the scopes for experiments and creative solutions are endless. But we are facing new challenges – a culture of conscious attitude to the intellectual property of creators. We will cover this and much more at the 11th KYIV MEDIA WEEK on September 14-15".

As last year, all Forum participants will receive a KMW White Paper. It is a summary document containing analytical reviews and studies of the audiovisual industry of Ukraine and the international market, as well as conclusions and insights by the experts and participants of KMW 2021.

One can choose a convenient format of participation and register on the official website of KMW 2021.Guests and participants who join the Forum onsite will have an opportunity to attend additional private events. More information about the 2021 program will be announced soon, so join us on Facebook and follow our announcements at

KMW takes care of the health of its guests and adheres to all quarantine norms established by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Furthermore, for the safety of the guests, the network of European medical laboratories Synevowill conduct a free rapid test on COVID-19 to all offline participants, who do not have a certificate of vaccination before the Forum.

In case of aggravation of the epidemiological situation and increasing quarantine restrictions in Ukraine and Kyiv, KMW 2021 will be forced to change the format to online only.