Film Business 2016 Speakers


Andrey Kokotiukha is a modern Ukrainian writer, scriptwriter and journalist. He graduated from Faculty of Journalism  of  Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv in 1992, worked as a journalist, and then - in publishing, film and TV businesses. 

His first book Shliubni Igrishcha Zhab was published in 1996 and represented as the quality example of mass literature at the first time in the history of an independent Ukraine. Furthermore, Odessa Film Studio and then Dovzhenko Film Studios negotiated with an author about the creation of the script, because the story was so cinematographic. The project was not realized. 

Since 1998, he has been working in the film industry. Since 2000 has served as the journalist and then screenwriter on the television. Andrey is a member of Ukrainian Association of Cinematographers. 

There were filmed such feature films and TV series on Kokotiukha's scripts:

Dead End (Tupik) (1998, Dovzhenko Film Studios, director: Hryhoriy Kokhan);  

Lawyer Larina's Disturbed Vacation (2007, FILM. UA Studio, director: Oleksandr Stekolenko); 

There Crawl a Snaik (2009, Fresh production, director: Maksym Bernadsky).  

Kateryna (4 episodes) (2016, 1+1 production, director: Oleksandr Tymenko ) 

Triple Protection (16 episodes) (2016, Fresh production, directors: Anatoliy Mateshko, Anton Azarov); 

Red (2016, InSightMedia, director: Zaza Buadze). 

Andrey collaborates with the leading Ukrainian TV Channels and production studios. As the scriptwriter he participated and takes part in creation of such projects:   

Kryminalni Istorii (ICTV);  

Chuzhi Pomylky (2010, STB TV Channel);  

Parallel World (2007,  STB TV Channel)

Court Cases (2010 - 2016,  FILM.UA Studio, Inter TV Channel); 

Stringer (2011, 1+1 production); 

Oderzhymi (2011, 1+1 production). 

Andrey worked as a lead screenwriter of reality show The Voice (2012, 1+1 TV Channel).  Also, he won Silver Saint George for his work on Dead End (Tupik).