Film Business 2017 Speakers

Kristian TASKA

Taska Film, established in 2000 by Kristian Taska, is the leading Estonian film production company. The top four of Estonia’s biggest box office hits to date have been produced by Taska Film – "Names of the Marble" (2002), "1944" (2015), "Class Reunion" (2016), and "The Dissidents" (2017). In 2016, Taska Film's "Class Reunion" set a new box office record among national films. The film, directed by Rene Vilbre, has grossed more than €1 million, leaving behind American blockbusters. Furthermore, the action war drama "1944" was the Estonian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards in 2015.

A co-production feature with Finland (MRP Matila Röhr Productions), Estonia (Taska Film) and Sweden (Anagram) named "The Eternal Road" (Ikitie), dir. AJ Annila, is the first Estonian cash rebate supported project to be released in 2017, and resulted in over 450 000 euro rebate.

Kristian Taska also has a background in television - he managed and co-owned Estonia's biggest private channel Kanal 2. He has managed the Estonian Drama Theater.

Experience of Kristian Taska also includes producing of short films, documentaries and TV series. He is a member of ACE producers' network and an alumnus of European Film Promotion.


"The Eternal Road" (Ikitie) – AJ Annila (2017)

"Class Reunion 2" (Klassikokkutulek 2 – pulmad ja matused) – René Vilbre (2018)



"The Dissidents" (Sangarid) – Jaak Kilmi (2017)

"Class Reunion" (Klassikokkutulek) – René Vilbre (2016)

"1944" – Elmo Nüganen (2015)

"The Purge" (Puhastus) – Antti Jokinen (2012)

"Phobos" - Oleg Assadulin (2010)

"Red Mercury" (Punane Elavhõbe) – Andres Puustusmaa (2010)

"Golden Beach" (Kuldrannake) – Jüri Sillart (2006)

"Mindless" (Meeletu) – Elmo Nüganen (2006)

"Mat the Cat" (Röövlirahnu Martin) – René Vilbre (2005)

"Set Point" (Täna öösel me ei maga) – Imar Taska (2004)

"Names in Marble" (Nimed marmortahvlil) – Elmo Nüganen (2002)