Film Business 2017 Speakers


Sergey Lavreniuk has got the second higher education in Management & Economics at Lviv Polytechnic National University. Since 1994, he has successfully worked in the distribution business. Since 2012, Sergey is co-founder and co-owner of Solar TV Channel.

Sergey Lavreniuk is a producer of the movie #SELFIEPARTY (the premiere was in March 2016). The movie occupied the third place due to the box-office results of the first weekend (after Zootopia and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice) and was ran during 7 weeks having occupied the 5th place due to the box-office results among Ukrainian releases for the last 25 years of modern national film service.

Also this year Sergey Lavreniuk served as a producer of a theatrical enterprise The Perfect Family by Dmitry Bohomazov. The premiere was successfully held at the stage of Ivan Franko theater in Kyiv. Such celebrities as Vladimir Horiansky, Oleh Stalchuk, Olesia Samaieva played there.  

In 2016 Solar TV Channel has become a partner of 7th Odessa International Film Festival. Together with OIFF, they launched the script competition in comedian genre. Currently, Sergey has started to produce his next film project - the mystical thriller Egregor (international co-production).

During 70th Cannes Film Festival, the film of Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa, "A Gentle Creature" was one of the 19 participants of the Official competition. It was produced by France, Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Russia and the Netherlands. Ukrainian co-producer – "Solar Media Entertainment", Sergiy Lavrenyuk.

In 2017, at 10th Ukrainian State Film Agency pitching competition with the highest score in the category "Feature long-length co-production films" won the project "Woman at War", directed by Benedikt Erlingsson. This is a co-production of French, Iceland and Ukrainian companies such as "Solar Media Entertainment" and "Slot Machine". Producers: Marianne Slot, Karin Leblanc (France) and Sergiy Lavrenyuk. Filming takes place in Ukraine and Iceland. The official release is scheduled for May 2018.

On August 31, the movie "DZIDZIO CONTRABASS", directed by Oleg Borshchevskyi, was widely released in Ukraine (220 screens), executive producers – Sergiy Lavrenyuk and Dzidzio (Mykhaylo Khoma).  The film was produced by Solar Media Entertainment, Sonce TV channel and "DZIDZIO Film". First-weekend box-office was 7.7 million UAH; with audience 101,890 people. The result of two weeks: more than 200 000 spectators in Ukraine, box-office 15 025 000 UAH.

In 2017 Sergiy Lavrenyuk became a member of the Board of the Ukrainian Film Academy.

Currently, he is producing his next film project - the mystery thriller "EGREGOR", directed by Lyubomir Levitsky.


2016 “#Selfieparty”, director Lyubomir Levitsky

2017 “A Gentle Creature”, director Sergei Loznitsa, (Ukrainian co-producer)

2017 “DZIDZIO Contrabass”, director Oleg Borshchevsky

2018 "A Woman at War", director Benedikt Erlingsson (work-in progress)

2018 "EGREGOR", director Lyubomir Levitsky (work-in progress)