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Pay TV in Ukraine 2017: Carpe Diem! is a unique premium platform for the entire television industry, where professionals discuss the most important issues of the industry development. 

Why Carpe Diem? The pay TV industry is constantly changing and digital transformation is happening right now!

The following topics will be raised at the conference:

  • assessment of the situation after the changes in must-carry
  • development of non-linear services. Situation on the domestic market
  • regulation of new media. How should it be?
  • is there an effect from the fight against piracy? Is there more order on the pay-TV market?
  • how will the analogue shutdown affect the pay-TV market?
  • when should we expect the satellite signal encryption?


15:00–15:30 Registration
15:30–15:40 Conference opening

Panel discussion "Is there Pay TV market in Ukraine?"

Topics for discussion:

• Assessment of the situation after the must-carry change
• Development of non-linear services. Situation on the domestic market
• Regulation of the new media. How is it supposed to be performed?
• Is there any effect of combating piracy? Including underreporting
• Has the market become more organized?
• Impact of analog TV deactivation on the Pay TV market
• When to expect the coding of satellite signals
• What are the opportunities for increasing ARPU


• Hrechaninov Fedir
• Kurakin Oleksiy
• Zsembery Gyorgy
• Pakholchuk Yaroslav
• Sydorenko Vadim
• Speaker of International media group
• Speaker of Regulator* 

Moderator – Hryhorii Shverk*/Stanislav Yurasov



16:45–17:00 Press & Coffee break

Panel discussion "Davids and Goliathes of Ukrainian advertising market: who will get the money?"

Topics for discussion:

• Is there any prospects for effective advertising sales on the thematic channels
• What hinders monetization(market’s and/or legislative’s barriers)
• What should be measured and how


• Boyko Sergii
• Varenytsya Valeriy
• Koval Igor
• Sozanovskiy Sergii
• Tsomaya Victoria
• Speaker of International media group

Moderator - Popova Tetyana

18:00 Cocktail

*Possible changes in program due to the work schedule of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and The National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine


Pay TV in Ukraine 2017 conference will gather the opinion leaders of the pay TV industry, as well as representatives of telecom and media industry of Ukraine and abroad.

The conference will be held on September 20, 2017 at 15:00–18:00 at LONDON conference hall in Hyatt Regency Kyiv hotel (5 Alla Tarasova Str., Kyiv).


Hyatt Regency Kyiv, 5 Alla Tarasova Str.

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