PayTV in Ukraine

Pay TV in Ukraine – conference for the entire television industry, where professionals discuss the most important issues of the industry development. 

The following topics were discussed at the conference:

  • assessment of the situation after the changes in must-carry
  • development of non-linear services. Situation on the domestic market
  • regulation of new media. How should it be?
  • is there an effect from the fight against piracy? Is there more order on the pay-TV market?
  • how will the analogue shutdown affect the pay-TV market?
  • when should we expect the satellite signal encryption?


Program of Pay TV in Ukraine 2017

15:00–15:30 Registration
15:30–15:40 Conference opening

Panel discussion "Is there Pay TV market in Ukraine?"

Topics for discussion:

• Assessment of the situation after the must-carry change
• Development of non-linear services. Situation on the domestic market
• Regulation of the new media. How is it supposed to be performed?
• Is there any effect of combating piracy? Including underreporting
• Has the market become more organized?
• Impact of analog TV deactivation on the Pay TV market
• When to expect the coding of satellite signals
• What are the opportunities for increasing ARPU


• Hrechaninov Fedir
• Kurakin Oleksiy
• Zsembery Gyorgy
• Pakholchuk Yaroslav
• Sydorenko Vadim
• Speaker of International media group
• Speaker of Regulator* 

Moderator – Hryhorii Shverk*/Stanislav Yurasov



16:45–17:00 Press & Coffee break

Panel discussion "Davids and Goliathes of Ukrainian advertising market: who will get the money?"

Topics for discussion:

• Is there any prospects for effective advertising sales on the thematic channels
• What hinders monetization(market’s and/or legislative’s barriers)
• What should be measured and how


• Boyko Sergii
• Varenytsya Valeriy
• Koval Igor
• Sozanovskiy Sergii
• Tsomaya Victoria
• Speaker of International media group

Moderator - Popova Tetyana

18:00 Cocktail

The conference was held on September 20 at Hyatt Regency Kyiv.


Hyatt Regency Kyiv, 5 Alla Tarasova Str.

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