Screening Room is a new additional service for Ukrainian Content Market participants that was launched in the course of KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2014. With the help of Screening Room all the content sellers have an opportunity to present their projects to UCM buyers through a virtual online catalogue during the market days. 

Screening Room is a handy and fast way to watch the UCM sellers’ content.

Screening Room is not only an opportunity to watch video footage but also an easy way to get acquainted with detailed description of every project. Besides, in case of any interest in a particular content, UCM participants get a possibility to arrange a Skype-meeting with its distributor.

Here is a list of companies that provided their e-catalogues in the UCM Screening Room in 2014: IGMAR (Russia); 100 Film (Russia); Video Production (Russia); Silver Screen (Russia); Sreda Production Company (Russia); Russian Report (Russia); All Media (Russia); Telemundo Internacional (USA); Televisa Internacional (USA); Armoza Formats (Israel).


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