Participants KMW 2012
CompanyCountryUkrainian Content Market Format ShowFilm Business
Television as BusinessDigital Broadcasting
1+1 Media, Group of companies Ukraine  Buyer Participant Participant Participant Participant
24 TV Channel Ukraine       Participant  
31 Channel Kazakhstan Buyer        
3D Planet Ukraine      Participant    
5th Company (Carmen Group of Companies)   Russia Exhibitor (342)        
9 channel Russia  Buyer        
9 Channel /Israel Plus Israel Buyer        
A.T.Kearney Russia     Participant Participant Participant  
A+E Networks USA Exhibitor (240)        
ABTT Travel Production Ukraine Seller        
ADV Ukraine Ukraine       Participant  
AEGIS Media/GMG Ukraine       Participant  
Agency of Internet Rights Ukraine  Buyer      Participant  
AFL Productions Russia   Seller        
Afriwood Zimbabwe Seller        
AGENRY Russia Seller        
All Media Russia Exhibitor (359) Participant Participant Participant Participant 
All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition Ukraine        Participant  
AKM Russia Buyer        
AMADEY Ukraine  Buyer        
AMEDIA Russia Exhibitor (331)        
Ananey Communications  Israel Buyer        
Aon Risk Solutions Hungary     Participant    
Aon Rus – Insurance brokers Russia     Participant    
Aon UK United Kingdom     Participant    
Armoza Formats Israel Seller Participant      
Arthouse Traffic Ukraine  Seller Participant Participant    
ArtMedia Group Russia Buyer        
ArtMedia Markt Russia Buyer        
Art Pictures Media Russia Exhibitor (337) Participant   Participant  
Association of Commercial Television in Europe Belgium       Participant  
ATM Grupa S.A. Poland Exhibitor (227)        
ATR TV Channel Ukraine Buyer        
Aurora Distribution Russia Seller
Avers Corporation Ukraine          Participant
Avision Ukraine    Participant Participant Participant Participant
Azteca Mexico Exhibitor (231)        
Balticum TV Lithuania Buyer        
Banijay International United Kingdom Seller Participant      
Bazelevs Russia Seller        
BBC United Kingdom         Participant
BBC Worldwide United Kingdom Exhibitor (241) Participant      
BDA Creative United Kingdom       Participant  
Belarussian Video Center Belarus Seller        
BelmuzTV Belarus Buyer        
BELVIASAT Belarus Buyer        
Berserk Media India Exhibitor (229)        
Bespoke Media Content United Kingdom Seller        
Beyond Distribution United Kingdom Seller        
British Council Ukraine Ukraine     Participant    
BRT Concern Ukraine         Participant
BTV Lithuania Buyer Participant       
Cable TV Union of Ukraine Ukraine         Participant
Calinos Entertainment Turkey Exhibitor (355)        
CAN'T STOP media United Kingdom Exhibitor (247) Participant       
Casa Media Plus Moldova Buyer        
CaT Ukraine Buyer        
CDNVideo Russia   Participant Participant Participant Participant
CeeTV Bulgaria Seller        
Central Partnership Russia Exhibitor (341)        
Centre of National Film Studio Russia Exhibitor (242)        
Chernivtsi TV Ukraine         Participant
Cineflix Rights United Kingdom Exhibitor (236) Participant      
Cinema Fund Russia     Participant    
CINEMA PRESTIGE Russia Exhibitor (243)        
CINEMOTION  GROUP Russia Buyer        
Classic Ukraine     Participant    
Commercial TV Channel Kazakhstan Buyer Participant   Participant  
Contentica Russia Seller        
CONTTERRA Russia Buyer        
Creative Space "Chasopys" Ukraine   Participant     Participant
СTB Film Company Russia Exhibitor (223)        
CTC Media Russia Buyer Participant Participant Participant Participant
CTC Network Russia Buyer     Participant  
Daro Film Distribution Monaco Seller        
DDES Studio  Ukraine Seller        
Deutsche Welle Germany Seller Participant Participant Participant Participant
Digital Laboratory Russia Seller        
Digital Media Services United Kingdom Exhibitor (247) Participant      
Direct Sight Acquisition Ukraine Exhibitor (358)        
Digital Screens Ukraine Buyer        
Direction Ukraine Seller        
Divan.TV Ukraine Buyer        
DIXI MEDIA Moldova Buyer     Participant   
DLT Entertainment United Kingdom Exhibitor (247) Participant      
Dnepropetrovsk state TV company Ukraine Buyer        
Domashniy, TV Channel Russia Buyer        
GFK Ukraine          Participant
DRG United Kingdom Exhibitor (315) Participant      
DT Production Russia Seller Participant   Participant  
DVD Publishers Association  Russia Buyer        
DWM Company Ukraine     Participant    
East One Ukraine   Participant Participant Participant Participant
Echelon film Russia Exhibitor (319)        
EEAP Germany Exhibitor (343)        
Ekran-TV Ukraine Buyer        
ExpoNAT Russia  Buyer        
Electric Sky United Kingdom Exhibitor (247)        
Endemol Group United Kingdom Exhibitor (225) Participant      
Endemol Worldwide Distribution United Kingdom Seller        
ERA, Teleradiocompany Limited Ukraine Buyer        
ESGroup Ukraine          Participant 
Eurasia+ORT Russia Buyer Participant    Participant   
EUROKIM Slovakia Buyer        
Euromedia Ukraine   Participant   Participant   Participant   
European Commission Belgium       Participant   
European Broadcasting Union, EBU Швейцария         Participant
F-style Ukraine       Participant  
FCCE Distribution Netherlands Exhibitor (314)        
Fil Vision 
Kazakhstan Buyer        
FILM.UA Television Ukraine Exhibitor (362) Participant  Participant     
Finite Films and TV United Kingdom Exhibitor (247) Participant  Participant     
Finstar Russia     Participant Participant  
Firma Budushee Ukraine     Participant    
First Baltic Channel Latvia Buyer        
First Business, TV-channel Ukraine       Participant  
First Channel Eurasia Kazakhstan Buyer Participant Participant Participant Participant
First HDTV, TV channel Russia Buyer        
Flagman Ukraine   Participant      
Football, TV Channel Ukraine       Participant  
Forward-Film Russia Seller        
Foundation of assistance to development of cinematography Russia Seller        
FremantleMedia United Kingdom Seller Participant   Participant  
Friends Production Ukraine Buyer Participant      
Futura Petro Solutions Kazakhstan Buyer        
Gabelia Enterprises USA Buyer        
General Producer Center Belarus Seller        
Global Agency Turkey Exhibitor (245) Participant      
Global Screen GmbH Germany Seller        
Globo TV International Brazil Seller Participant      
Gold Cinema Kazakhstan Buyer        
Google/YouTube France       Participant  
Goraton Montenegro Buyer        
Gosteleradiofond Russia Exhibitor (235)        
GraphiTe Ukraine Buyer   Participant Participant  
GRAVIS Ukraine         Participant
GroupM Ukraine       Participant  
Gubernia Russia Buyer Participant      
Gullivercinema Ukraine Seller        
Hanzhonkov Film Ukraine Buyer        
Highline media Ukraine       Participant  
Hockey, TV Channel Ukraine       Participant  
ICTV, TV Channel Ukraine Buyer Participant   Participant Participant 
IGMAR, Producing Company Russia Exhibitor (325)        
IKINO Russia Buyer        
iKS-Consulting Ukraine         Participant 
IMMO Russia Buyer        
Independent Television Channel Kazakhstan Buyer Participant       
Indie production, Art-group Ukraine Seller        
Industrial Media Network Ukraine   Participant    Participant  Participant 
INFONET AS Estonia Buyer        
INFORM MOBIL Ukraine Buyer        
Ingenious Media   United Kingdom     Participant     
Initiative  Ukraine       Participant   
Inter, TV channel Ukraine Buyer   Participant  Participant  Participant
Intercinema Russia Exhibitor (223)        
Interfilm Production Studio Ukraine     Participant     
International Broadcasting Bureau USA Seller        
Internews Network Kazakhstan   Participant    Participant  Participant 
Inter-Profi Ukraine         Participant 
Intra Communications Russia Exhibitor (329)        
INT-TV Russia Buyer Participant        
Irpen circle Ukraine Seller        
IRTYSH Russia Seller        
Istil Telecom Ukraine Buyer        
Isum Russia Seller     Participant   
ITV Inter Medya Turkey Exhibitor (357)        
ITV Studios Global Entertainment United Kingdom Exhibitor (234) Participant       
Ivan Usachev Studio Russia Buyer  Participant Russia Buyer    Participant  Participant  Participant 
JCI Ukraine   Participant Participant Participant Participant
Jurimex Law Firm Ukraine         Participant
K1, TV Channel Ukraine Buyer  Participant      
Kaffeine Communications, Advertising agency Ukraine       Participant   
KANAL D Turkey Seller        
Kazakhstan, TV and Radio Corporation Kazakhstan  Buyer   Participant    
Kinoseans Russia Exhibitor (323)        
Kvant-Efir Ukraine         Participant
Kwendi Ukraine       Participant Participant 
Leo Burnett Kazakhstan     Participant    
Leopolis Russia Seller        
Lepatara Films USA     Participant    
Lepta.TV productions Ukraine Seller  Participant      
Lime Lite Studio Ukraine     Participant    
Linia Kino Ukraine Buyer   Participant    
LNT Latvia Buyer        
Log Media United Kingdom Exhibitor (247) Participant
Loud Film Collective Germany   Participant Participant Participant Participant
M1 and M2, TV Channels Ukraine        Participant Participant
MAKTO Russia Seller        
Marins Group Entertainment Russia     Participant Ukraine Buyer        
Media Arts Ukraine       Participant  
Media Audit Institute Ukraine       Participant  
MediaCom, Advertising agency Ukraine       Participant  
Media Group Ukraine Ukraine       Participant  
Media Direction Ukraine Ukraine       Participant  
Media Resources Management Ukraine     Participant    
Medialab United Kingdom Seller        
MEDIAPRO DISTRIBUTION Romania Seller        
Mediasat Ukraine         Participant
Mega, TV Channel Ukraine   Participant   Participant  
MGAP Attorneys at Law Russia     Participant    
Minsk Television Information Networks Belarus Buyer Participant Participant    
Mir reality production Russia Buyer Participant      
Misteriya Zvuka Russia Buyer        
MK-Distribution Ukraine Buyer        
Mobibase, mobile TV France Buyer        
MOVIES TV, Limited Liability Company Ukraine       Participant  
MTV Plus Ukraine   Participant Participant Participant Participant
MTV, TV channel Russia Buyer        
MTV Ukraine, TV Channel Ukraine    Participant   Participant  
Municipal Television Network Ukraine         Participant
Music Light Ukraine   Participant Participant Participant Participant
MUZ-TV channel Russia Buyer Participant      
My Planet Russia Seller        
N.A. Independent News Ukraine   Participant Participant Participant  
National Cable Networks Russia Buyer        
National satellite company Russia Buyer        
National Television Company of Ukraine Ukraine Buyer        
National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine Ukraine       Participant  
National Television Syndication Company Russia Buyer / Seller
New Channel Ukraine Buyer Participant    Participant  
New Broadcasting Network Kyrgyzstan  Buyer Participant       
NOVOE VREMYA Russia Seller        
NOW Russia Buyer        
NRCU Ukraine           Participant
NTN, TV Channel Ukraine  Buyer        
NTV, Broadcasting company Russia Seller        
Odessafilm Studio Ukraine     Participant    
Omega TV Ukraine   Participant Participant Participant Participant
OR Media United Kingdom Exhibitor (247) Participant      
OTV, TV Company Russia   Buyer Participant      
PACT United Kingdom Exhibitor (247) Participant       
Paradise Group of Companies Russia Exhibitor (239) Participant   Participant Participant
PC SREDA Ukraine Buyer Participant Participant    
Peretz, TV Chanel Ukraine Buyer Participant      
Peterburg, Teleradiocompany Russia  Buyer        
PIK, TV Company Georgia Buyer        
Pilot Studio Ukraine Buyer Participant   Participant  
PL Sales Ukraine       Participant  
PLAY Russia Buyer        
PLUSPLUS, TV Channel Ukraine Buyer        
Pondera GmbH Germany Seller        
POWER Ukraine Seller        
PRAVDA Ukraine Exhibitor (238)        
Pravo-TV Channel Ukraine      Participant Participant Participant
Premium Film Russia  Buyer     Participant Participant
Prime cinema Russia  Buyer        
Prime TV Moldova Buyer        
PRIOR Distribution Russia Exhibitor (339)    
PROFIT Russia Exhibitor (333)        
Pronto Film Ukraine     Participant    
Public Council at the State Committee for television and radio Ukraine          Participant
Rai Trade Italy Seller Participant      
Raketa Film Ukraine     Participant Participant Participant  
Red Arrow International Germany Seller Participant      
Red c. Production Ukraine    Participant Participant Participant Participant
Red Media  Russia Exhibitor (242)     Participant  Participant  
REN TV, TV Channel Russia Seller        
Renovatio Russia   Participant Participant Participant Participant
RFG Russia  Buyer   Participant    
Riki Group Russia Seller        
Romsat Ukraine          Participant
RTHT Ukraine          Participant
Russia Television and Radio - FERC "Sovteleexport" Russia Seller        
Russian Content Ukraine Buyer        
Russian Mobile Television Russia Buyer        
Russian Report Russia Exhibitor (335)        
Russian World Studios Russia Exhibitor (338)        
Russion World Vision Russia  Seller        
Salo Pictures Ukraine     Participant    
Satti Media Partner's  Kazakhstan Buyer        
Savik Shuster Studia Ukraine   Participant   Participant  
Scrumptious Productions United Kingdom Exhibitor (247) Participant      
Second National TV channel (ONT) Belarus  Buyer        
SES Astra Ukraine         Participant
Seven Channel Kazakhstan Buyer        
Silver Globe-Media Russia Buyer        
Silver Screen Russia Exhibitor (353)

Small World International Format Television USA Exhibitor (314) Participant   Participant   
SMS Online Russia Seller        
Solar Media  Ukraine Buyer        
Solid Partner Armenia Seller        
Sonar Ukraine Buyer     Participant  
Sony Pictures Television Netherlands   Participant      
Sony Pictures Television Russia Buyer Participant   Participant  
South Port Studios Russia Seller        
Sovtelexport Russia Seller        
Sparks Network Sweden Seller Participant       
StarlightMedia Marketing Ukraine       Participant  
Star Media Ukraine/Russia Exhibitor (317) Participant    Participant   
State Committee for television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine Ukraine          Participant 
STB, TV Channel  Ukraine Buyer Participant    Participant   
Steps studio Ukraine Seller        
STP Content Russia Buyer        
STRANA Distribution Group Russia Exhibitor (334)        
STREAM, Television Company Russia Buyer        
Stream Russia Buyer        
Strong Ukraine Ukraine          Participant
Studio Moderna Ukraine       Participant  
Studio U7 Russia Exhibitor (340)        
Svetofor Film Ukraine Buyer
System Capital Management Ukraine       Participant  
Talap Media Kazakhstan Buyer        
Talking Heads Ukraine    Participant Participant    
Telecommunication chamber of Ukraine Ukraine          Participant
TELEDIXI Moldova Buyer Participant   Participant  
Telemundo Internacional USA Exhibitor (313) Participant      
Teleone Ukraine   Participant     Participant 
TELE PRO Ukraine Buyer        
Telephote Studio Russia Exhibitor (327)        
Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Ukraine" Ukraine Buyer / Exhibitor (318)   Participant  Participant  Participant  
Television Industry Committee Ukraine       Participant   
TET, TV channel Ukraine Buyer / Exhibitor (233) Participant   Participant Participant
TNT Broadcasting Network Russia Seller        
Tochka Sborki Media Production Ukraine     Participant Participant  
Tonis, TV Channel Ukraine  Buyer     Participant   
TOP FILM BALTIC Latvia  Buyer        
TOP-MEDIA Moldova Buyer Participant   Participant  
Torsat Ukraine          Participant
Total Content Russia Exhibitor (320)        
TP Emitel Poland          Participant
TSD Ukraine           Participant
TV3 Channel Russia Buyer Participant Participant Participant Participant
TV-4 Ukraine          Participant
Tvi, TV Channel Ukraine          Participant
TVIN Russia Exhibitor (345)        
TVN Poland Seller        
TV Center Russia Buyer Participant      
TV Lux Ukraine Buyer        
TV-21M Russia Buyer        
TV-SET Russia Buyer        
UBG Media holding Ukraine Buyer     Participant  
Ugra Russia Buyer Participant   Participant  
Ukrainian animation studio Ukraine Seller        
UMH Group Ukraine       Participant  
UMS FILM Ukraine  Buyer        
Union Ukraine Buyer        
UNITED MEDIA GROUP Ukraine       Participant  
Universal Pictures United Kingdom      Participant    
UPtop10 Ukraine Buyer        
Varlamov &Partners Ukraine       Participant  
Viasat Baltic Estonia Buyer        
Viasat Broadcasting Baltics Russia Buyer        
Viasat Broadcasting UK United Kingdom Buyer        
Viasat Украина Ukraine          Participant 
Video International Ukraine Ukraine   Participant    Participant  Participant 
Video Production Russia Exhibitor (321)        
Videofilm, TV Company Russia Exhibitor (336)        
Volgafilm Russia Exhibitor (237) Participant  Participant  Participant  Participant 
Volga Ukraine Ukraine      Participant    
Volia, Telecommunication company Ukraine Buyer        
VSV-TORG Ukraine  Buyer        
WeiT Media Russia Exhibitor (225) Participant      
Wizart Animation Russia Seller        
World Content Market United Kingdom  Seller        
X-Media Digital Russia Buyer     Participant   
Xtra.Kino.Classics Ukraine Buyer        
ZenithOptimedia Ukraine       Participant  
Zlagoda Studio Ukraine Seller   Participant    
Zodiak Rights United Kingdom Exhibitor (361) Participant   Participant  
Zolotaya Seredina, Law company Ukraine     Participant