A Special Event in the course of KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2014



FILM.UA Group and Media Resources Management launched a new educational project for film, television and media professionals and starters – FILM.UA Faculty. 

The project was presented on September 17 in the course of KYIV MEDIA WEEK in Radisson Blu Hotel with the keynote by media expert, Sergey Sozanovsky  "To build Hollywood in Troeshchina". 

Sergey Sozanovsky, cofounder of FILM.UA Group, is one of the most successful businessmen in the sphere of media. His name cannot be separated from the history of Ukrainian media industry. He built the first vertically integrated media group in Ukraine, Inter.  

FILM.UA Group was founded in 2002. Today FILM.UA Group comprisesover 20 companies that provide expertise, equipment and support of the full cycle in film and TV production. Together these companies form a unique creative cluster that encompasses all aspects of the media business. Thanks to the wise strategy, effective management and industrial approach to business Sergey Sozanovsky succeeded to creat an undisputed leader of the Ukrainian media market. 

FILM.UA Faculty is a complex of educational projects for those, who are eager to work in film, television or media industry. Unique integrated programs for adults - Skill Bill and children - Cinema Kids.

Skill Bill includes lectures and seminars for professionals - Skill Bill Pro, lectures and workshops on filmmaking, Skill Bill Start and Acting School for Adults.

Cinema Kids provides educational programs for children (7-15 years): Acting Classes for Children, Children's School of Dubbing Tak Treba, and a special course Cinema Holidays, which allows children to make their first movie during school holidays.

All courses take place at FILM.UA Studio. 


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