112 Ukraine is Preparing an Interactive Project for KMW 2015

21 August 2015, 11:55

How to create the leader of Ukrainian information broadcasting in four months from scratch, beating competitors in the rankings? How does the inside work of the youngest and the most dynamic Ukrainian news channel look like? How to create 17 hours of live coverage a day, providing breaking news within 3 minutes after the event? 112 Ukraine is preparing a number of projects in the course of KYIV MEDIA WEEK, to answer these and many other questions.

An interactive model of the 112 Ukraine will operate from 7 to 9 September in the venue of the media forum, which will show how to make news live. Anyone will get the possibility to learn how the news television of the future works today, how the new technologies and innovative managerial solutions help to maximize the efficiency and reliability of the news. Interactive channel model will show how to achieve great results without using such expensive traditional broadcasting elements like OB vans and uplink.

Special presentation of the 112 Ukraine project "News television of the future is already in Ukraine" will take place on September 9, 16:00 at the Hyatt Regency Kyiv in the course of KMW, during which the 112 team will tell how to create the leader of the information broadcast in a relatively small budget and short term (112 Ukraine was built in 4 months); how to use modern technology, human resources and streamline processes for efficient operation without quality losses (cost per minute of 112 Ukraine live broadcast is $20, while in the BBC News - more than $175, bearing in mind the fact that 98% of the 112 Ukraine air is its own production); how to broadcast live 17 hours a day (for comparison, TV channel Deutsche Welle – 12 hours of live broadcast per day, CNN and BBC World News - 20 hours). Team 112 will share their own experiences and tell how it can be applied to build effective and modern news-making resources not only in our country but abroad as well.

In addition, all KMW participants will be able to have a tour of 112 Ukraine to experience personally how the modern news channel operates.

"We decided to create this special project exclusively for KMW not only and not so much to tell about ourselves. This one and a half year of our channel operation has taught our team a lot. So it is important for us to share not only the successes, but experience as well. To show that the multiple constraints that exist in our country - financial, resource, infrastructure and public - can be a stimulus for the development of exciting new solutions in the media. I think that our project will be interesting not only to colleagues working in the news channels, but also to all professionals of media industry", - says Yuri Budyak, director of the 112 Ukraine.

112 Ukraine is an information and analytical TV channel which began broadcasting on November 28, 2013. The channel operates live 17 hours a day and uses advanced technology to provide its audience the objective information on important and interesting events in Ukraine and the world straight from the source. Since the beginning of this year 112 Ukraine is the leader of information broadcasting in Ukraine (shr - 2,7%, rat - 0,42% (18+ over 50 thousand) in June 2015). The channel is available in packages of the largest cable operators in Ukraine, it is broadcasted via the digital terrestrial television of DVB-T2, as well as via satellite AMOS-2,3. Broadcasting is 24 hours a day. CEO - Andrei Podshipkov. General Producer - Sergey Logunov. Website:

International Media Forum KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2015 will be held on September 7-11 in Hyatt Regency Kyiv

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For accreditation to participate in the presentation "News television of the future is already in Ukraine" please contact Olga Kurganska -, +38044 459 4610.