Commercial success of DZIDZIO Contrabass Ukrainian comedy: the film's box office is already 18.2M UAH

20 September 2017, 16:45

On September 20, at the 10th anniversary conference Film Business held in the framework of KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2017 international forum a case of new successful Ukrainian comedy, DZIDZIO Contrabass, has been presented. The project was presented by Sergiy Lavrenyuk, film producer and co-owner of Sontse TV channel, as well as film promotion producer Valeriy Kozlitinov.

The speakers told the story how the film appeared; it was actually a joint idea of Lyubomyr Levytsky and Mykhaylo Khoma when they were making a music video, which then expanded into a feature film. They also talked about film production and promo campaign which were completed by very tight deadlines due to a fixed release date.

As of today, DZIDZIO Contrabass hasn’t simply covered its production and promotion costs but also earned some profit. Over 252 thousand viewers have seen the film, and from the moment of its premiere on August 31, as of September 19 the film’s box office has exceeded 18.2 million UAH. A peculiarity of film distribution was uneven interest towards it by regions – in most cases over half of the box office is collected in Kyiv region, but DZIDZIO Contrabass also became the most popular in Lviv and its suburbs. For example, the share for Kyiv was 22.3 per cent, in Lviv region it exceeded 25.16 per cent, and Ivano-Frankivsk came the third with a 6.52 per cent share.

Though the comedy predominantly has local potential due to its genre, the reporters announced their intention to present the film this year at American Film Market.