Viewing grid. What do Ukrainian broadcasters bet on?

17 September 2018, 15:56

During the section “Ukrainian broadcasters’ wishlist” which took place on September 17 at KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2018 international media forum representatives of major Ukrainian media groups shared their opinions about the most successful content for repeated runs. For example, Maksim Krivitsky, general producer at 2+2 says that the TV channel tries to make the product cheaper but still socially engaging like School TV series aired by 1+1. As for Evening Kvartal project, it pays off already at the launch and then at its broadcasting in the grids of other channels like TET and 2+2. Besides, evening newsblock of six hours demonstrates the same results as Vikna at STB. 

Elena Sakhatskaya (Belik), deputy director-president and program director at ICTV, notes the results of Diesel Show which exceed those of Vecherniy Kvartal by share size from time to time. In general, humor is very successful and combines content of any format: these can be humor shows, sketchcoms, and comedy series. This is what the main stakes are put at.  

Still, drama series can also be successful – The Sniffer detective series has been aired for more than 10 times. There are plans to include it in the grid once a year, and a new season is expected.  

According to Yulia Gatitulina, director at the department for program planning at Ukraina, the TV channel restructures from a long horizontal line into a vertical line. On average, the rotation should be arranged so that up to eight episodes of one miniseries or series like The Sniffer can be shown once a year; something should be suitable for broadcasting even once every six months. Projects exceeding 16 episodes should be launched into the grid once every 18 months, not more often. But such projects as Real Mystics and Doctor on Call have become a real hit with the broadcaster; the first one even demonstrates better and better results with time.