How many Ukrainians are ready to pay for Pay TV and which sums are acceptable

19 September 2018, 16:09

At “Pay TV market in Ukraine” section held on September 19 at KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2018, Vladimir Paniotto, general manager at Kyiv International Sociology Institute, presented information from the latest research about the readiness of country residents to pay for television. It turned out that with only 30 UAH added to the subscription fee Ukrainians already pay for the cable or other platform of TV signal delivery only 15 percent of respondents are ready to pay that. And 77.1 percent are adamantly against it. The readiness is influenced by the language spoken, education, region and place of residence, but most of all the financial situation. And this is where many feel needy. 

According to Vadym Sidorenko, general manager at Triolan, and Valentyn Koval, member of Ukrainian National Council for Television and Radio, one shouldn’t raise prices not knowing what should be added to the service. However, an average price of a ticket to the cinema for one movie is at least 45-50 UAH, and a pay TV package offers not one but a whole selection of titles which are obviously not covered by the abovementioned 30 UAH.  

It is worth noting that according to the latest data, Netflix in Ukraine has only 576 film titles and 206 TV shows. The number of subscribers according to the most conservative estimates is 40 thousand, and the lowest monthly subscription fee is 7.99 EUR. This means revenues of about 10 million UAH a month.