KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2019: Effective Business Models, Creativity and Innovative Technologies in Content Production

23 July 2019, 13:07

Registration for the IX International Media Forum KYIV MEDIA WEEK – the top media event of the year – is underway. Set to be held on September 16-19, 2019 in Kyiv, it provides participants with the opportunity to customize their agenda according to their sphere of interests and business priorities, and attend the maximum number of relevant, encouraging and mind setting events. 

KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2019 highlights the cutting-edge technologies and trends, as well as creative approaches in media industry and the development of new, efficient business models in TV and film production. The forum aims to bring together top players of media business, creative industries and everyone engaged in audiovisual content production, from Ukraine, the region and beyond. The KMW program hosts events which are designed to cover a variety of burning topics that appeal not only to media market professionals, but also to related industries, as the forum covers broad range AV content business issues: from global to local. For the first time ever in the course of KMW the topics dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, blockchain technologies and their implementation in the field of content creation and distribution are set to be discussed. 

In 2018 forum hosted 44 high profile events featuring 130 speakers from all over the world, and gathered 850 participants from 39 countries. KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2019 is bound to bring even more participants and interesting international speakers! 

Several sections are co-hosted with the organizations involved in the Ukrainian creative industries development and regulation. These events are devoted to the Ukrainian media market, its achievements, burning issues and prospects. The forum is expected to feature a broad discussion of topics focused on the Ukraine-produced or coproduced content and its prospects to travel worldwide, which correlates with the trend of recent years – dozens of local non-English language shows become more and more popular across the globe. For example, the case of Ukrainian Hide and Seek series which was picked up for distribution by ZDF Enterprises at its early development stage. 

Every year KMW expands its borders and attracts ever more official international delegations. Representatives of the film and television industry from China, Canada and Korea will take part in the media forum this year, while KMW program will be supplemented with special screenings and presentations dedicated to their media markets insights and peculiarities of cooperation with these countries.

Ed Waller, editor-in-chief of C21 Media, the International Media Partner of KMW, will deliver a presentation "Trends, opportunities and challenges in the international content market"

The "Technologies" section will feature an exclusive event dedicated to blockchain and the prospects of its implementation in the media sphere. Manuel Badel – founder of Badel Media, consultant and keynote speaker who specializes in digital media financing, content production, distribution and business models, will hold a presentation about the challenges faced by the modern media industry due to the rapid market changes, and why blockchain can be a solution to many current issues. He will also outline the prospects for using this technology as a new business model. Some parts of the presentation will touch upon the popular topic of cryptocurrencies, but the main focus will be on new approaches to IP management, monetization, financing, marketing, and content distribution. 

Virginia Mouseler, co-founder of the Swiss company The WIT, which is known as KMW's Analytical Partner for the second year in a row, is going to deliver two exclusive keynotes on global viewing trends and global drama trends

K7 Media’s communications manager David Ciaramella will present two special sections: first one will unveil the future of VoD giants, while the second will focus on the hottest kids content from all over the world. K7 Media – KMW's Knowledge Partner – is an international media consultancy which provides insights and intelligence on global TV and video trends to the world's biggest media brands. 

Another partner of the media forum, CEETV, will host a panel discussion entitled "CEE drama hits. Unveiling success recipes", featuring representatives of the most-talked-about scripted projects from the region with great international appeal.

In partnership with the international distributor Small World IFT (USA) and the largest international audiovisual content market MIPCOM (France), the final round of the fifth international ideas contest SMALL WORLD. BIG IDEAS will be held at KMW 2019. The winner will get a great opportunity for professional growth at the international level, while the winning format will be kickstarted globally to win the hearts of audiences on all continents. Applications are accepted until August 16, more details here.

Some thematic blocks of the media forum program are traditionally organized with the support of special partners. So, for the third year in a row, TV Channel Ukraine is sponsoring the events line-up dedicated to series, while Ukrainian State Film Agency backs the sections dedicated to film business.

Continuing the fruitful partnership with KMW, the Public Union ”Clear Sky Initiative” will present the third conference for rights holders and content producers related to anti-theft and copyright in Ukraine ”Fighting Piracy in Ukraine: 5 “what for” and results of fight against content theft”. The event will take place on the second day of KMW and will target rights holders and content producers, business owners, lawyers from Ukrainian and international companies and everyone interested in the IP rights protection. 

KMW is also supported by the Television Industry Committee (TIC), the Ukrainian Motion Picture Association (UMPA) and the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (UCF), who actively participate in KMW facilitation.

KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2019 will be held on September 16-19, 2019 at Hyatt Regency Kyiv (Kyiv, Ukraine). Browse the program of the forum on our website and follow the latest news on our Facebook page.

KYIV MEDIA WEEK combines the international content market and a range of conferences and B2B events for top players of TV, movie, digital and other media businesses. 

Since 2011 KMW has been an excellent marketplace and networking platform for industry professionals from more than 35 countries, building a solid bridge between CEE, CIS and other parts of the world. KMW is also a source of inspiration for a wide audience that is interested in global trends in the content production and distribution, experience and insights from international media experts and creative industries from other countries.

Organizer of KYIV MEDIA WEEK – Media Resources Management (MRM).