III conference for rights holders ”Fighting Piracy in Ukraine: 5 “what for” and results of fight against content theft” at KMW 2019

12 August 2019, 11:46

The fight against content theft in Ukraine is a continuous, long-playing, but promising and economically viable process. This is already definitely true for us, and we want to share our experience with other market participants in order to strengthenour effortsand speed up this difficult path together. We formed 5 “what for” in the fight against piracy on the Internet:

- what for rights holders fight with pirates, and how much money they keep (do not lose);

- what for advertisers, banks and other businesses oppose the theft of intellectual property, and what they get from it;

- what for the Ukrainian state should fight piracy, what goals we face;

- what for the international community fight with piracy, what does it give to the international economy;

- what for the user (in Ukraine and abroad) uses illegal content, why it happens and what to do about it.

All of this will be discussed at KYIV MEDIA WEEK on September 17 from 14:00 till 17:00 in London conference hall, Hyatt Regency Kyiv, at the III conference for rights holders ”Fighting Piracy in Ukraine: 5 “what for” and results of fight against content theft”.

This event is a meeting place for business owners, lawyers of Ukrainian and International rights holders and all those concerned with the intellectual property rights protection. There practical solutions are provided, constructive dialogue is conducted and joint decisions on further actions are made.

Organizer – ”Clear Sky Initiative” Public Union, created with the purpose to foster the licensed video content marketplace and confront intellectual property rights violations.

Participants of the conference for rights holders can benefit from special registration conditions for KMW. Please fill the form by August 30, following this link, and wait for the confirmation letter from the organizers.

Stay tuned for the updates on KMW program at and official Facebook page of the forum.