KMW CoProduction Meetings: finding international partners without going to large film markets

8 August 2019, 16:53

A new format of co-production event form KYIV MEDIA WEEK will allow Ukrainian producers to present their projects to foreign producers interested in cooperation and learn about their projects, that may be implemented with Ukrainian partners. 

KMW CoProduction Meetings will be held on September 18-19, 2019 inHyatt Regency Kyiv (Ally Tarasovoi st, 5) within the framework of KYIV MEDIA WEEK (KMW) – the biggest annual media forum in Central and Eastern Europe. 

KMW has a section for reinforcement of international co-production of films and TV series since 2013. However, this year the format of the event has fundamentally changed. First and foremost, the attendance will be free for all Ukrainian participants. This madepossible thanks to Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, that supported KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 as a part of Streighting Capacity of Ukrainian Audiovisual Sector program. 

“Basically,KMW CoProduction Meetings saves time and money for Ukrainian producers, because the project is a unique opportunity to take part in a large co-production event without even leaving the country”, says Alla Prelovska, head of the project and manager of Media Resources Management, a company that organizes KMW. “At the face-to-face meetings with the foreign colleagues Ukrainian producers will have a possibility to present their projects personally and see, what the international partners offer to them. This format really facilitates realization of the co-production ideas”.

KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 will last for two days. The program is designed to cover a wide range of questions, connected with co-production in Ukraine, and to provide the participants with the opportunity of effective networking.

Presentation of companies and international projects, that have potential for co-production with Ukraine, panel discussion on co-production with Ukraine and informal networking session are taking place on the first day of the event.

The second day is dedicated to face-to-face meetings with the foreign producers, who have vast experience in co-production and have already declared their interest in cooperation with Ukraine. The meetings will last for 20 minutes maximum, each participant will be able to have up to 5 meetings. The organizers will scheduled the meetings.

Please note: registration is separate for each day of the program of KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019.

To schedule face-to-face meetings, the organizers will preliminary select the projects among the ones submitted via online forms, that require information about the projects offered to the international producers (up to 2), experience in production and previous projects. 

However, registration for the first day of the event has no additional demands, all you have to do is fill out online form and receive a confirmation letter. 

So you better register now, the deadline for applying for both days of the program of KMW CoProduction Meetings is August 26, 2019! You may register at the web page of the event.  

It’s hard to overestimate importance of co-production for development of Ukrainian audiovisual industry. Co-production is more than just raising funds from foreign partners, it is also a stimulation for Ukrainian services, popularization of Ukrainian shooting locations and general integration of Ukraine to the context of the contemporary world. Here are a few examples, that made people speak about Ukraine recently. First of all, this year’s “Chernobyl” from HBO and Sky, the highest rated series in history according to IMDb. Ukrainian company POSTMODERN (FILM.UA Group) was making CGI for the series, another Ukrainian company Radioaktive Film took part in shooting on Ukraininan locations. “Mr. Jones” by Agnieszka Holland, starring James Norton, Vanessa Kirby, and Peter Sarsgaard (co-production of Poland, the UK and Ukraine) is also worth mentioning. The film took part in the main competition of Berlinale–2019.

Perhaps, as a result of KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019, this list will feature more big projects, because the organizers and striving to create the most comfortable conditions for cooperation of producers from different countries. 

The list of the foreign participants of KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 is to be announced soon. Don’t miss any news about the event and join KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 on Facebook, follow the news at the website and official KYIV MEDIA WEEK Facebook page.