Canada, Norway, Israel: where KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 participants may find partners

15 August 2019, 14:19

KMW CoProductions Meetings announces the names of the first three international participants, coming to Ukraine to find local partners for co-production.

KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 will be held on September, 18 and 19. This event is free for all registered participants, unlike all other events of KYIV MEDIA WEEK, the biggest media forum of Central and Eastern Europe. This was made possible thanks to Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, that supports KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 as a part of Strengthening Capacity of Ukrainian Audiovisual Sector program. The event aims to facilitate co-production with Ukraine. The structure of the event is designed to cover all possible aspects of the theme and to create comfortable conditions for effective cooperation of producers from different countries. 

During a panel discussion, scheduled on the first day of KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019, speakers will talk about the benefits and drawbacks, taken to account by international producers, while considering cooperation with Ukraine. During the panel international producers will present their projects, open for co-production with Ukrainian partners. 

A full list of international producers, taking part in KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 is to be announced. However, the organizers of the event, Media Resources Management (MRM), are ready to announce the names of the first three participants. 

Gal Zaid, Head of Drama, Endemol Shine Israel, Israel

Gal is a creator, director, and actor with 20 years of experience. Prior to joining Endemol Shine, Gal was the Head of Drama at Channel 10, where he co-developed HOSTAGES, the format of the show was bought by CBS. He was also the Head of Drama at Keshet, where he script-edited and starred in the world-renowned series PRISONERS OF WAR. The project was remade for the USA. He also edited the script for sitcom NEVSU, which won an International Emmy Award for Best Comedy in 2018.

“We are interested in possible International projects in English language that could be pitched to  worldwide streamers. These would be in genre of Sci-fi, High concepts. Also, we are ready to work on co-productions for local market dramas (historical or modern) with concepts of Ukraine, Israeli or Jewish descents. In addition, we are considering cooperation for filming part of our projects in Ukraine” explained Gal. 

Anders Tangen, СЕО of Viafilm, Norway/USA 

For last 20 years Anders produced many TV series, feature and short films, documentary projects, that were honored with many awords. In 2005, he founded international distribution company Viafilm with headquarters in Norway and USA. Ander Tangen has may famous projects in his profile, for example dramedy LILLEHAMMER released on Netflix and NORSEMEN (aka VIKINGANE), a parody on the series VIKINGS, it was aired in Norway on channel NRK1 and bought by Netflix later. 

“I am interested in films and series for broadcasters and platforms, both dramas and comedies. I would consider the projects at the development stage, with financial part confirmed, with ethnic elements, mystic and sci-fi drama. I am also interested in projects, that can be filmed in Scandinavia”, commented Anders.

Gavin Reardon, Head of international Sales and Co-production at Incendo, Canada

Gavin Reardon has over 30 years of experience in the industry. He is responsible for co-production at Incendo since 2009. In the past he was the president of IM Global Television, …and Action! Distribution, GRB Entertainment, vice-president of MTM International Distribution etc. Then he moved ot Incendo, a company, specialising on TV content production, that has over 70 TV movies, series and documentaries in its catalogue. The most recent television series co-production of Incendo, that has become a global success is VERSAILLES. A short reminder: this July Ukraine and Canada signed bilateral Audiovisual co-production treaty that allows both countries to produce films in official co-production and makes it easier. 

“We are looking for drama series of all types which would make financial sense to co-produce in Canada (i.e. there’s Canadian or North American element to the story)” says Gavin. “We prefer stories which have completed pilot scripts and some financing attached, but again, are open for the right project to become involved at an early stage. We also prefer content which has been developed from some existing intellectual property”.

Local participants of the second day of KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019  will have a chance to meet the producers personally and to present their project. To schedule face-to-face meetings on the second day, the organizers will preliminary select the projects, based on online applications, that require information about the suggested projects (up to 2), producer’s experience of the applicant, and previous implemented projects. 

Please note, the organizers will provide interpreters during the meetings if necessary. However, the participants are responsible for providing information about the projects in English. 

KMW CoProduction Meetings 2019 will be held on September, 18 and 19 in Hyatt Regency Kyiv (5, All Tarasova str.). Registration is separate for each day of the program.The registration forms are available here. Registration is open until August, 26, 2019.

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