“Globalization of the industry. A chance for the local producers?” ALEXANDER RODNYANSKY

19 August 2019, 13:00

KMW's special guest, world-famous film producer, director and media manager Alexander Rodnyansky will share his thoughts about the impact of globalization on the audiovisual content industry and opportunities, that emerge for the local producers due to the digital technologies development, also about global changes in content consumption and its influence on both audience and producers. 

Alexander Rodnyansky – film producer, director and mediamanager, is one of the most recognized and prolific East European film producers having created over 30 TV series and 40 feature films including key works by some of the most acclaimed filmmakers in modern history. He began his career as a documentarian and after several successful projects he quickly lent his talents to producing. His earliest success was as producer on A CHEF IN LOVE (1996). Directed by Nana Dzhordzhadze, it was the first time the Asia Pacific country of Georgia received an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. He also produced EAST-WEST (1999) a co-production between Russia, France, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Spain, which was nominated for Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film, this time for France. Among his prominent works, that received the world recognition are: LEVIATHAN (2014), which became an international sensation – it was an Academy Award and BAFTA nominee for Best Foreign Language Film and won the same award at the Golden Globes, along with 35 other awards from around the world, LOVELESS – another Academy Award and BAFTA nominee, THE MAN WHO SURPRISED EVERYONE – Best Actress award of Venice Film Festival, BEANPOLE – directed by a 27-years old Kantemir Balagov and produced by Alexander Rodnyansky won the Best Director prize in Cannes in Un Certain Regard program as well as the International Federation of Film Critics prize (FIPRESCI).

In 2019 Alexander Rodnyansky launched a Moscow-LA based development company AR Content designed to deliver premium quality content for film and television on an international scale. With a focus on true stories, around global events or spotlighting relevant and diverse cultural situations, the company will also delve into fictional drama and genre films. AR Content is a hub for filmmakers and screenwriters to develop their passion projects and partner with producers and distributors, in order to foster a cohesive creative vision. 

AR Content recently announced DEBRIEFING THE PRESIDENT, a firsthand account of the interrogation of Saddam Hussein, to be directed by Oscar nominated director Ziad Doueiri (THE INSULT), EVERYBODY’S WOMAN, a drama series centering on a woman working in the porn industry directed by Kornel Mundruczo as well as Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald-produced documentary about the refugee crisis in Europe that preceded the Holocaust and World War II.

Presentation “Globalization of the industry. A chance for the local producers?” byAlexander Rodnyansky will take place in the course 9th international media forum KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2019 on September 18, at 15:00 (Paris conference hall) at Hyatt Regency Kyiv (Ukraine).

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