K7 Media unboxes the hottest new kids shows at KMW 2019

4 September 2019, 11:03

On September 18 at KMW David Ciaramella – K7 Media's communications manager will take a wrapper off some of the best new kids shows from around the world. He will present a snapshot of the kids' programming landscape, showcasing the hottest new shows from around the world, designed for multiple screens and platforms. 

The recent acquisition of Peppa Pig owners eOne by toy giant Hasbro brings sharply back into focus just how valuable kids IP can be. With this, alongside the imminent launch of Disney+, we predict a yet another resurgence of interest in the market for programming targeting younger audiences. But what are they watching right now? I’m delighted to return to KMW to unbox some of the latest global examples from linear TV and digital platforms”, - says David Ciaramella.

Kids are watching video across an ever increasing number of screens, consuming more of it, and changing their viewing patterns accordingly. And the type of video keeping our younger ones engaged is evolving too: just a few years ago, who would have thought that watching children (and adults!) unbox and play with toys could ever be classed as entertainment, let alone amass the audiences enjoyed by some of the biggest ‘toy play’ creators? In turn, this DIY approach to kids video has started to influence ‘traditional’ properties, with the likes of DHX’s WildBrain ramping up native digital spin-offs from familiar IP such as The Moomins and The Clangers.

Speaking about Ukraine and the CIS region, it’s obvious that children content is on rise both on TV and internet video platforms. Now there are more than 250 TV channels that officially broadcast in Ukraine, 24 of them – are children oriented. Their total viewership increased during last five years more than 60%. Out of Top-10 most popular Ukrainian YouTube channels eight are targeted on young audience with millions and dozens of millions subscribers each. Moreover, the kids content both on TV and internet is used by large number of companies as a tool for brands’ promotion within integral part of their long-term marketing strategies. It is not surprising, because this approach has already shown its effectiveness worldwide. Thus, I’m sure, David’s presentation will be interesting not only for content producers and broadcasters, but also for advertising business representatives and brands”, - comments Artem Vakalyuk, head of analytical department at Media Resources Management (Ukraine). 

David Ciaramella’s exclusive session dedicated to the kids content trends will be held on September 18 at 12:00 –12:50 at KYIV MEDIA WEEK (Kyiv, Ukraine).

K7 Media – KYIV MEDIA WEEK's Knowledge Partner – is an international media consultancy which provides insights and intelligence on global TV and video trends to the world's biggest media brands. Creators of the ‘Top 100 Travelling TV Formats’ annual report, K7 Media draws on extensive knowledge of the global TV and digital sector to produce personalized reports for broadcasters, distributors, digital media players and production companies – across unscripted, scripted, kids and digital. 

Let’s recall, that this year K7 Media comes to KMW with two special sessions. The second one, dedicated to VoD market evolution will take place on Tuesday, September 17th

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