KYIV CoProduction Meetings

KYIV CoProduction Meetings at KYIV MEDIA WEEK (KMW) – is the first content marketplace of our region designed for pitching and promotion of TV projects of different formats that look for co-production, as well as facilitate the co-production market in our region by allowing the local Producers to cooperate with international TV projects.

International television co-production represents a dominant trend in international television and film production industry which is increasingly global in orientation. Co-production provides the means to pool financial, creative and technical resources from participating parties for the production of the content of various genres. Collaboration of the producers from different countries has the potential of providing a fascinating insight into certain topics, development of innovative media forms, entails financial and creative commitments, allows producers access the new funding and distribution mechanisms etc.

Professionals who presented their TV projects and intended for co-production as long as producers, production companies, associations and unions of TV and film industry professionals who were looking for TV projects for co-production participated in KYIV CoProduction Meetings 2016.

KYIV MEDIA WEEK presents a co-production event, which is unique for the territories of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and CIS countries - KYIV CoProduction Meetings that is focused on theory and practice of international co-production of TV content.

The program of KYIV CoProduction Meetings consisted of three parts:


Part 1

Discussion Panel International Co-production in Europe. Trends and Opportunities, speakers and experts in the field of international co-production shared their experience and opinions on co-production prospects in the region. Case study presentation: Strangers in the Wild – reality show co-production of South Korea (Mountain TV) and Spain (Zanskar Producciones).

Speakers of discussion panel: Peter CARLTON, Joint CEO of Warp Films, Producer, United Kingdom; Victor MIRSKY, General Producer of FILM.UA Group, Ukraine; Jean-Marc FROHLE, Producer of POINT PROD, Switzerland. Moderator: Natalia STRIBUK, Ukraine TV channel, Ukraine.


Part 2

Pitching of TV Projects. Each pre-selected project is given 15 minutes for presentation (total number of projects – 9). During 10 minutes project’s representative presented the materials, explained the project conception, production specifics, the potential of the project and expectations from co-producers. Additional 5 minutes were given for Q&A. Brief information on the projects is available on the website. More about pitching winner Lemberg project. 


Part 3

Individual pitchings Face-to-Face meetings. The producers of the projects were introduced to the audience and had an opportunity to participate in pre-arranged meetings with potential co-producers among representatives of the largest Ukrainian broadcasters and independent film studios and production companies, including STB, TRK Ukraine, 1+1, Friends Production, Studio Kvartal 95, FILM.UA, Star Media and others.

Winner of KYIV CoProduction Meetings 2016 Pitching



The best project, selected by an international jury during KYIV CoProduction Meetings pitching, received media support and a ticket to Paris plus accommodation to participate in the international festival Series Mania from the partner of KYIV CoProduction Meetings "Ukraine" TV Channel. 
The winner of KYIV CoProduction Meetings 2016 Pitching is the project of an 8-episode historical detective story with mystical elements Lemberg, which was presented by Olesia Lukianenko and Elena Malkova from FILM.UA Group.



KYIV CoProduction Meetings is a regular platform for exchange of experience, discussions and business networking for TV co-production in the region.

KYIV CoProduction Meetings was held on September 20, 2016, conference hall of Hyatt Regency Kyiv (5 Alla Tarasova Street, Kyiv. Ukraine). Speakers and program of KIEV CoProduction Meetings 2016.


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