Docudrama Mystical Tales: Successful Tripartite TV Co-Production Case Study at KIEV CoProduction Meetings

7 August 2014, 14:13

KIEV CoProduction Meetings opens up new vistas of creating brand-new TV projects. The event allows producers not only to meet potential partners, but also to get acquainted with working mechanisms drawing on the example of already existing and ongoing successful TV project. 

How the idea was born, peculiarities of the co-production scheme, the analysis of effective and wrong steps during its implementation - - all these issues will be discussed at TV docudrama Mystical Tales case study that will be held within forum KIEV CoProduction Meetings. The project is created by three co-producers and is aired on TV channels of three countries. It’s worth mentioning that over 110 episodes are already shot and new seasons production is still underway.  

Producers and creators of Mystical Tales will share their recipe of success with the forum participants. 

Please note,  that producers’ and projects’ registration for KIEV CoProduction Meetings is running to its end. Detailed information is here

KIEV Co-Production Meetings will be held on September 16, 2014 in Radisson Blu Hotel (22 Yaroslaviv Val St., Kyiv, Ukraine).

Take an opportunity to find co-production partners for TV projects creation by joining KIEV Co-Production Meetings in the course of KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2014.