CoProduction Projects. Catalogue

The registered Producers will receive the full information about the projects by email after August 10, 2013.  

Pitching session will take place September 11, 2013.

The following projects will be presented at Pitching session: A009, A006, A012, A015, A027, A035, A042 

Project Number#A001 

Project title : The diary of her loneliness

Genre: Parapsychological drama

Format: 16 episodes

Country: Ukraine

Production company: Golden Fleece Studio

Countries for co-production: worldwide

Synopsys: Eveline demonstrates the unique human abilities; it penetrates deep into the time and events, communicates with the subconscious of patients, with misguided souls and makes it so professionally that people understand that the parapsychologist like this really exists.

The project is based on true stories. All real events are connected with the fictional fate of a main character, which is woven into the body of the story.

Project status:

The pilot episode is ready


Project Number#A002

Project title : 75th anniversary of the tank  T-34 creation

Genre:  documentary, historical investigation

Format: 4 episodes

Country: Ukraine

Production company: Golden Fleece Studio

Countries for co-production: worldwide

Synopsys: The idea of the project: to raise the tanks on the surface, refurbish and restore them, to try to determine the composition of the crews and their destiny, to understand the causes of death of tanks and finally to repeat the historic run of 1940 Kharkov- Moscow -Kharkov and take part in the Victory Parade in Kiev in May of 2015. I would like to see these tanks opening Victory Parade.

Project status:

Script, city administration support


Project Number#A003

Project title : Torn destinies. Excavation into the past

Genre:  historical investigation

Format: 8 episodes

Country: Ukraine

Production company: Golden Fleece Studio

Countries for co-production: worldwide

Synopsys: Our project intends to tell stories and the end of those that have lost their lives in World War I and World War II on Ukrainian soil and have been long forgotten by their families. We have been dedicated for 10 years to our project and in 2010 we’ve commence filming our discoveries.

During our excavation we have discovered bunkers, boats, artillery, tanks, technology and remains of soldiers of German and Austrian army belonging to WWI & WWII.

Our excavation team consists of archaeologists, historians, professional divers and we are in full possession of filming permit.

The project of such as large scale is too vast for one Production Company to handle…

Project status:

The excavation of the German aircraft U-77 for the movie "The Secret of the Treasure of Vorontsov Palace" was carries out. The comments of the eyewitnesses of air combat in Ternopol region were recorded. 7  more episodes are ready for preproduction. 


Project Number#A004

Project title : Beehive

Genre:  comedy in Emir Kusturica style

Format: 90min television movie

Country: Ukraine

Countries for co-production: Europe and former Soviet Union, Canada and Australia

Synopsys: In the nineties of the last century tourist buses were the most widespread transport for travel from Kiev to the abroad. In these buses stereotypes of Post-Soviet life were broken.The main characters of the movie are people of different social groups and different cultural level who go to Germany in 1998. During a trip the main characters endure ridiculous and tragic situations change the outlooks on life. The main character of the movie - the mulatto girl been born in Kiev after nine months after the Olympic Games of 1980 which goes to marry the Mexican. He lives in Germany. My movie will tell that everything in this life is possible and also the most important it is to overcome the fear. The plot of the scenario is based on real events. The author witnessed these events and went in this bus to a film festival to the German city Cologne.

Project status:

In development


Project Number #A005

Project title : Life and Death in Ukraine

Genre: Documentary investigation

Format: 1 episode of 90 minutes

Country: Netherlands

Production company: Ava Productions

Countries for co-production:  Ukraine 


Willy Lindwer lost most of his family in a small village in West-Ukraine. He wants to find out what happened to his family members. As a wider picture he will search for testimonies in Ukraine of the last eyewitnesses, both Ukrainian and Jewish. The film crew will find and include in the film the stories both of war veterans from the Red Army who fought in Ukraine and of the last Jews, most of whom converted to Catholicism in order to survive. Film will also contain never seen before archive materials, filmed during the war. Author will travel throughout Ukraine for 6 weeks and film the untold stories. 

Project status:

Script development, search of locations and production crew


Project Number#A006 PITCHING

Project title : BRAILLE (working title)

Genre: Docudrama

Format: 52min. - 60 min.

Country: Ukraine

Production company: SIGNAL RED

Countries for co-production: worldwide

Synopsys: The life path of French inventor Louis Braille who creates universal raised-dot system, representing letters, numbers and music notes, which enabled the blind to write, read and compose.

Loss of sight following childhood accident generates Louis' peculiar perception of reality: physical sensations, emotional experiences, touches, sounds, smells - all can shape a picture of surrounding world in his mind.

Braille earns a living by playing organ in Parisian cathedrals and later becomes the first blind teacher in the institute. Several years of work to improve already existing tactile systems and numerous attempts to bring his revolutionary learning method to life are not always crowned with success. The editions of his books and students' support only intensify enemies' efforts to stop further spread of the code. But, regardless to corporal punishments, book burning and temporary banning Louis Braille makes the breakthrough, and his system eventually gains recognition in the whole world.

Project status:

In development


Project Number#A007

Project title : New adventures of Domovenok and his friends

Genre: Fairytale adventures

Format: 26ep. х 6 minutes

Country: Russia

Production company:  CONTACT MEDIA GROUP, LLC

Countries for co-production: worldwide

Synopsys: The gobliness Shishiga, together with Baba Yaga and Koschei, lives in a fairytale forest. While the two sworn friends Kuzya and Nafanya – in a real-world town, in an apartment house. However, the line that divides these worlds is permeable, so Kuzya, using a magic device invented by Nafanya, can easily travel to the fairytale forest, while Shishiga by means of a blue-edged platter – to the real-world town. From one universe to another our characters move mostly to help each other out.

Devotion, faithfulness, credibility, responsibility are the main characteristics of Kuzya, Nafanya, and Shishiga. In the first place, the brownies are responsible for their own home and its dwellers. However complicated are the relationships between Shishiga and Koschei, she feels responsible even for him, and will never betray even this wicked Koschei. It goes without saying that Kuzya is absolutely attached to his little mistress Lubochka and her brother Pete! Equally, the brownies are faithful to each other. But this will not stop them from kidding and playing each other up.

Project status:

70% of preproduction stage completed


Project Number#A008

Project title : Perfect Vacation

Genre: TV Serie, modern adventure fairy tale

Format: N number of episodes x 26 minutes

Country: Russia

Production company:  VOLOGDAFILM Production Studio

Countries for co-production: worldwide

Synopsys: Small modern schoolgirl Varavara comes to spend summer vacations in a small village. She is not accustomed to life and types of entertainment there and she is very bored. Suddenly she meets a tiny forest man Grandpa Chip. His magic mirrow can bring Varvara to different historical epochs and she lives through exciting and sometimes dangerous adventures in the past. Travelling with Varvara will help children to learn about the history and traditions of the past of their region and will have an educational and entertainment effect together. 

This TV Series is for family watching and can have unlimited number of episodes, each is one finished adventure story and can take place in any part of the world.

Project status:

In pre-production period

Project Number #A009  PITCHING

Project title : Parallel

Genre: Fantasy crime TV series 

Format: 1 season x 6 episodes х 45 minutes

Country: United Kingdom

Production company:  TELIC STUDIOS 

Countries for co-production: Russia, Ukraine


Erik, 17 year old, smart yet shy and with low self esteem is taken into a parallel magical universe by Trondian (Sherlock Holmes of that universe) and Gugloo, a talking turtle, where he is trained in the academy of Sorcery to become one of the best magicians in that universe.

He boosts his self confidence during this process and gains a lot of enemies due to his growing fame and successes. Xenia, the closest companion of Princess Landra falls in love with Erik, who ignores her and pays all attention to the beautiful  Princess Landra who has mixed feelings towards him. The series follows his adventures in parallel universe as Erik solves magical crimes along with Trondian and Gugloo in each episode.

Project status:

Post-production stage of pilot episode


Project Number #A010

Project title : The game

Genre: sitcom

Format: 12 episodes  х 22 minutes

Country: Ukraine

Production company:  New Day

Countries for co-production: Worldwide


What is a really good spoof? How to arrange it? How to make the “client”   laughing and enjoying the trick played of him, without letting him to notice anything from the beginning? The founders of “Sharp Nose” agency know the answers. Tricks and spoofs are their job. They create, plan and arrange practical jokes. They make people do foolish things and then laugh of themselves. But sometimes “clients” may get irritated and strive for vengeance.

Project status:

In development. Draft scripts are ready.

Project Number #A011

Project title : Going beyond

Genre: travel, social documentary

Format: 16 х 26’

Country: Ukraine

Production company:  New Day

Countries for co-production: Worldwide


«Going beyond» - is another world. We travel the world. From Mexico to India. From Lapland to Africa. We have crossed oceans. We passed hundreds of thousands of kilometers of beautiful European roads. And God knows how many steps!

We will show you how Finns make a lot of money on a fictional character Santa Claus, how Romanians promote the Lord of Darkness Graf Dracula, and how Mexicans frighten the world with the apocalypse. 

We will discover the oldest alcohol drinks recipes of France, the Art of Trade in Turkey and shamanic secrets of India.

Project status:

In development. Scripts are ready.


Project Number #A012  PITCHING

Project title : Life as a gift

Genre: documentary (tv-format potentially)

Format: 16  х 26’

Country: Ukraine

Production company:  New Day

Countries for co-production: Worldwide 

Synopsys: A TV project, each issue of which describes how Ukrainian doctors save the life of a hero. The project describes people who suffer from fatal diseases or illnesses that cause lifelong disability. Specifically for broadcast Ukrainian clinics and Ukrainian doctors conducted a unique operation that can save lives or drastically change the lives of heroes for the better. The project shows the characters and their lives before the operation, shows the latest treatments that put these people on their feet.

The project tells of acute social problems associated with specific diseases: lack of practice early detection of diseases; distorted "free" medicine, that leaves behind the people whose lives can be saved, lack of attention to the doctors who try to change the situation of local and national authorities. Every story, every disease is the demonstration of systematic health care problems in Ukraine.

Project status:

Authors have materials for the pilot.


Project Number# A013

Project title:  The Lucky Country 

Genre: Reality Travel TV series,  Historical, Documentary, Educational and Entertaining

Format: 6 episodes x 52 minutes

Country: UK/Australia

Production company:  Curb Denizen Production Company  

Countries for co-production: Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, CIS territories

Synopsys: The Lucky Country is TV series exploring  modern and historical experiences of Russians and Eastern Europeans within Australia, presented by acclaimed Russian/Australian actor, Alex Menglet.  Menglet will ride across Australia on a Ural side-car motorbike collecting stories of Russian and Ex-Soviet immigrants and their experiences in Australia.

From famous  to ordinary people, to a discussion famous Cate Blanchett about her adaptation of Chekov’s ‘Uncle Vanya’, and numerous stories of personal experience, the TV series will be presented in the tradition of Billy Connolly, Stephen Fry and  Vladimir Pozner & Ivan Urgant travel shows, shot on the Sony F3 and include helicopter photography and soundtrack from Russian and Australian musicians.  

Project status:

Development, Financing


Project Number #A014

Project title : The Fishermen

Genre:  comedy, gamble series

Format:  12 episodes  х 45’

Country: Ukraine

Production company:  Good Morning Film

Countries for co-production: Worldwide

Synopsys: A typical loser Igor gets the rare chance. Igor's grandfather, while on his deathbed in a psychiatric clinic, tells his grandson about incredible gems that he had to hide with safety purpose in the mouth of an amazing pike, which has eyes different to each other. Fearing persecution, grandfather threw the pike into the river.

Now Igor has to master all the subtleties of the fishery, to catch his treasure. Everything would be fine if the confession of his grandfather accidentally overheard the corpsmen of the clinic Ivan Pavlovich  and Pal Ivanovich ... Number of applicants for the gem is continuously growing, and there in no way to solve the problem by  peaceful means any more....

Project status:

The pilot episode is ready

Project Number #A015  PITCHING

Project title : The Queen of the Dnieper River

Genre: Historical detective

Format:  4ep. х 40’

Country: Ukraine

Production company:  Good Morning Film

Countries for co-production: Worldwide

Synopsys: Beginning of the XX century. The Russian Empire. Kyiv. The first cruise steam ship called "Queen" ("Tsaritsa") is set afloat for a trip from Kyiv to Odessa. The famous rich people from are invited to take the first "advertising" tour. However, some criminals masked as travelers manage to get aboard.

The drafts of special equipment for flying vehicles, an important strategic weapon, are stolen from the inventor right before the First World War. All the roads of the Russian Empire are controlled by police. The only way the criminals can take is to smuggle the drafts by sea and hand them over to their agent in the neutral waters not far from Turkey. An undercover agent takes trip at the steamboat. Alexei, an experienced investigator from Kyiv, and Maria, a young ambitious daughter of the crime detection general from St. Petersburg are in charge of intercepting the drafts hand-over and arresting the criminals. They fall in love with each other while working together. However, the drafts are still not found…

Project status:

Script development

Project Number #A016

Project title : Bernoulli Family Secrets

Genre: Animated series, black humor

Format:  26 х 6.5’

Country: Ukraine

Production company:  Good Morning Film

Countries for co-production: Worldwide

Synopsys: You don’t need to speak Italian to understand what passions run at the luxurious villa belonging to Signor Bernoulli in the very heart of Sicily!

Let me introduce the Bernoulli family. The head of the family is Signor Bernoulli, a businessman and a crazy rich man who loves his wife Natasha. His hobbies include accounting affairs with local Cosa Nostra. His wife Natalia is an unprincipled beauty. She loves money, men and expensive shoes. Rocket is her seven-year-old daughter from her first marriage. Terpsichore is a cruel Siamese cat, Natasha’s pet. Frigate is Signor Bernoulli’s dog, a Chihuahua always falling victim to Terpsichore. He loves his master and his mistress’s sandals.

What else is missing for a tricky plot line? Russian Mafia, of course! The Russian Mafia is after the unique Faberge egg, owned by Signor Bernoulli. Bernoulli is after new impressions, Natasha is after handsome men, Terpsichore is hunting Frigate, and he is watching for the costly shoes of Natalia…

Project status:

The characters and the Project  Bible are developed, script is in development

Project Number #A017

Project title : Ukraine.BR: The Country of Football

Genre: documentary

Format: 1 х 50’ / 5 x 10’

Country: Brazil

Production company:  Zeppelin Filmes

Countries for co-production: Ukraine

Synopsys: A documentary about the connection between Ukrainian  football and Brazilian players.  Film shows how this relation moves the fans of the greatest clubs of Ukraine (Shakthar Donetsk, Dynamo Kyiv, Metalist and Dnipro).

And that's turning Ukraine to 'the New Country of Football'.

We would interview the players, the fans of each Ukrainian city (Kyiv, Donetsk, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk) and the Brazilian point of view (players, journalists and fans from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre).

The project is planned to be produced as a short series, for TV and web. A chapter for each city and each club.

Project status:

In development


Project Number #A018

Project title : From East to South: The Ukrainian Influence at the Brazilian Culture

Genre: documentary

Format: 1 х 80’ / 8 x 10’

Country: Brazil

Production company:  Zeppelin Filmes

Countries for co-production: Ukraine, worldwide 

Synopsys:  Film comprising short portraits/documentaries about Brazilian artists that have their family rootes in Ukraine. And Ukrainians making incredible careers in Brazil.

The film will show their families, their history in Ukraine, their achievements in Brazil and how this mix of Brazilians/Ukrainians turns into a universal art.

A short list of notable Brazilians/Ukrainians:  one of the greatest Brazilian writers Clarice Lispector (born as Chaya Pinkhasovna Lispector in Chechelnyk, Ukraine, 1920-1977) ,  one of the greatest Brazilian architects Gregori Warchavchik (born in Odessa, 1896-1972).

Ukrainian descendants:  Denise Stoklos (theater performer, director, writer),  Roberto Minczuk (Brazilian Symphony Orchestra conductor),  Debora Bloch (actress),  José Mindlin (businessperson and bibliophile - owner of the biggest private  library in Brazil, now donated to the University of São Paulo),  Hector Babenco (Argentine-born Brazilian film director),  Rafael Sobis (football player). 

Project status:

In development


Project Number #A019

Project title : Unsportsmanlike nutrition

Genre: TV programme, Entertainment and sports genre

Format: 4 х 20’ / 1-2 times a week

Country: Ukraine 

Countries for co-production: Ukraine, CIS 

Synopsys:  Author's TV project visually "externally-sports format," but the verbal "unsporting orientation" with the participation of invited Guests - the person related to physical education and sport, the dungeon master, who in a comfortable environment for the Hero, perhaps the home's interior, in both consumption and prepare their original, homemade meals, drinks range "unsportsmanlike power" initiative Hero, engaged in dialogue on the versatile, "non-sports", a humorous theme, which allows outside sports stereotypes reveal some of the personal characteristics of the Guest.

"Unsportsmanlike nutrition" / “Unsportsmanlike power" - amateur, not ordinary, alternative if you want the "wrong" - in a good way - the format generated by the interview participants as "laughing" over personal accidents and philosophical reasoning talking at the table restaurant in the studio, in the park, that is, where the project will be able to cross the interests of the audience of sports, culinary and entertainment programs.

Project status:

In production


Project Number #A020

Project title : My rock

Genre: TV movie,  Artistic-musical allegory

Country: Ukraine

Format: 80’

Countries for co-production: Ukraine, CIS


Synopsys:    Modern surreal story, based on the novel by Hermann Hesse's "Glass Bead Game", with remixes, cover versions of songs by the bands  «Aquarium», «Nautilus Pompilius», «Brigada-C», «Chai-F», «Tsentr», «Alisa», «Aukcion», «Mashina Vremeni», «Piknick», «DDT», «Zoopark», Zemfira,  and beautiful choreography and pantomime, which   as Taoist monad, provocative, Nature is divided ... firmament of feelings, emotions, ambitions ... expressive of the two confronting each other on a single leaf of the Creator.


Project status:

In development

Project Number #A021

Project title : ‘DA PROMISE

Genre: drama, TV Film

Country: South African Republic

Format: 80’

Countries for co-production:  Worldwide 


Synopsys:   it’s the story of a faithful christian lady Olga who abstained herself from sex, all her entire life, in wait of a man who promised to marry her when they were kids: a man who, in the course of time, lost all memories about both the lady and the promise he made and further got corrupted in a perverted life and – seeking out the love of his life…


Project status:

Financing/Development Mode
Project Number: A022


Genre:  Fantasy, Adventure

Format:  Full-length tv-movie or 4 x 44 minutes series

Country: Russia

Countries for co-production:  Worldwide

 Synopsys : There exist many parallel worlds with their own laws. Sometimes the line between them is so thin that a   transfer window becomes possible. Sometimes these transitions are created specifically to interfere in the life of another world, taking advantages of its weaknesses. In each parallel world there is an Observer who must destroy the pirates. Once the terrestrial parallel’s Observer Odysseus disappears. His daughter Troy starts to look for her father. She faces the Pirates of the hostile parallels. In order to destroy the pirates and the transfer window as well, she needs friends. She finds them and copes with all the dangers.

Project status: Preparatory period

Project Number: A023

Project title :  OPOK GOLD (Episode’s title of the series   “In for a penny, in for a pound”)

Genre:  Extreme realty adventure show, TV Series

Format:  12 episodes x 42 minutes

Country:  Russia

Countries for co-production:  Worldwide 

SynopsysThe heroes of the movie – common adults that have decided to meet the  challenges of the unknown roads and circumstances. Each episode of the TV series is a finished story and tells about one travel campaign undertaken by 20 preselected volunteers formed in 4 teams of 5 members. In the episode  GOLD OPOK the main heroes go 500 kilometers away from the city and raft along the river. They know general direction of trip but they are not aware of the adventures, created by film group or of natural origine, waiting for them. Whatever happens on the way – challenges, sudden obstacles, the reactions of the heroes and their ways of overcoming difficulties and dangers forms the plot of the movie – exciting game and extreme reality, feature and documentary in one.

Project status:  Production, 2 episodes out of 12 are shot

Project Number: A024

Project title :  Marko : Hero of the Balkans

Genre:  Biopic, History, Action, Drama

Format:  12 episodes  x  52 minutes

Country: Bulgaria

Countries for co-production:  Worldwide

Synopsys : This TV series is a biopic of a favorite hero of the South Slavic folk traditions - Prince Marko who lived in 14th century.  He is considered as a national hero by the Bulgarians, Serbs and Macedonians, remembered in Balkan folklore as a fearless and powerful protector of the weak, who confronted the Turks during the early years of Ottoman occupation. A lot of events will happen : intrigues, murders, secrets, love, jealousy, betrayals and sacrifice, all this will find place in the biography of Prince Marko.

This story is unfamiliar to the West but its action will keep it interesting for audience. We would like to bring  the Hollywood style action sequences and elaborate choreography that will elevate an intricate drama

Project status:  Development


Project Number: A025

Project title :  ВВВ

Genre:  weekly TV magazine on economic  issues

Format:  52 episodes  x 30 minutes

Country:  Serbia

Countries for co-production:  Central, Eastern and Southern Europe

Synopsys :TV PROGRAM is a half-hour weekly review of economic news, events and topics from the countries of CEE, SEE and EE. Its purpose si  pointing  out   opportunities  for  inter-state  connections  between  the entrepreneurs, as well as opportunities for their cooperation and market expansion. It will increase  the  business  potential  of  companies  from  involved countries. Program will be interesting for   owners  and  managers  of  small  and  medium-sized  companies  who  are  either interested in expanding their businesses into the markets of neighboring countries or  already doing business in said countries

Project status: Developed concept, negotiations with coproduction partners 

Project Number: A026

Project title :  DANUBE, the never ending story

Genre:  TV Series, documentary travelogue combined with elements of  history, science, natural history and the arts

Format:  13 episodes  x 55 minutes

Country: Serbia

Countries for co-production:  all countries along the Danube

Synopsys : The travelogy will describe Danube from different sides - as a historical and cultural centre, as a homeland of many peoples, states and countries, as the witness of different cultural and political periods, about its flora and fauna, its fishing and shipbuilding,  its cuisine and arts, its legends and tales. Each country situated along Danube will tell its own story of love to this greatest European river.

Project status: Development , negotiations with coproducers

Project Number: A027  PITCHING


Genre:  Documentary TV series

Format:  6 episodes x 50 minutes

Country: Serbia

Countries for co-production:  England, Spain, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Romania, but also open for other countries

Synopsys : TV series will trace all information about poisons : types of poison, history of use and abuse of poison, poisons in high political circles and family relationships, art, folklore and everyday life. Portraits of the most famous prisoners. A topic only considered to be well-known.

Project status: Development, fundraising, negotiations with coproducers


Project Number:  A028

Project title :  WOLFMAN

Genre:  Documentary TV series

Format:  8 episodes x 60 miutes

Country: UK

Countries for co-production:  Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East

Synopsys :  WolfMan is a reality adventure documentary series about Zoltan Horkai, a wild animal specialist working as an animal trainer for the film and television industry. He shares his home with more than 100 animals including a pack of wolves, bears, and dozens of wild boars.

Zoltan runs the Horkai Animal Training Centre and is famous around the world for his training concept called Natural Motivation. Zoltan has worked on numerous Hollywood feature films, international documentaries and television commercials as animal trainer and wrangler for the past 15 years.

Zoltan  will give us an insight into the everyday adventures of living on a farm with more than a 100 wild animals.

Project status: Development

Project Number #A029

Project title :  People without biography

Genre: Docudrama, historical

Format:  1 x 52’

Country: Russia

Production company:   Studio FF

Countries for co-production:   

Synopsys: This is the story of people, called by  the Germans during the war Ostarbeiter. They lived in slavery, dreaming of returning home. At home, they were proclaimed traitors, and they concealed their life biography. The husband hid from his wife, the mother from the children, an employee from his colleagues. And so over the years. Many have died without saying a word. Just few of them are still alive; we have the last chance to find out the truth. 

Project status: 

Developed. Partly filmed.


Project Number #A030

Project title :   The story of Nadya Poltavskaya

Genre: Documentary, film-portrait. Witness of the epoch.

Format:  1 x 39’

Country: Russia

Production company:   Studio FF

Countries for co-production:  

Synopsys: The film's heroine in his youth had been a prisoner of a concentration camp where she appeared after the attempt of escaping from German slavery. She's been to hell and then came back, and   then appeared to be  treated at home like a "Leprous". Only the strength of her character    and love to the  life enabled her to overcome everything.

Project status:

Partly filmed

Project Number: A031

Project title :  MODEL FOR A DAY

Genre:  Factual Reality Series

 Format:  13 episodes x 30 minutes

Country: UK

Countries for co-production:  Worldwide

Synopsys :  TV series shows the world where everybody can be a model!   Normal people (like you and me) from all over the world apply for a modeling opportunity with Explore Modeling (an agency that specializes in sourcing amateur and aspiring models).

Explore Modeling already get 1000’s of applications every week.  The type of people applying are normal teenage girls and boys, but also 30+, 40+, and even 50+ mothers  and fathers. Explore Modeling has a track-record of finding them shoots, fulfilling their dreams, and creating heartfelt and incredible moments for  people!

MODEL FOR A DAY takes viewers on the model’s incredible journey

Project status : Development


Project Number: A032

Genre: Animation sitcom for teenagers

Format: 24 minutes/12 + 24 episodes in series

Country: Serbia

Countries for co-production: Worldwide

Synopsys : A feisty young space princess, bored by the entire universe escapes to the Unknown with her pet-monster and her supercomputer bio-spaceship. The Unknown turns out to be Earth, a small town in Eastern Europe, the pet-monster develops ability to talk and the supercomputer becomes a not so super erratic mischief. The Princess is not so bored, as everything is new, and earthlings are “soooo strange.” As the trio tries to leave Earth and continue their journey, little by little they start to enjoy and appreciate life and people of this town on Earth.

Project status : Final stages of pre-production


Project Number #A033

Project title : The Second Birth

Genre:  Documentary

Format:  3 x 60’

Country: Ukraine

Production company:  Selena Films

Countries for co-production: Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia 

Synopsys: All over the world industrial regions that were prosperous in the 20-th century now turn into depressed areas. While the industry reduces people living in those regions lose their hope for better life and perspectives. This kind of situation is typical for all the countries with well-developed heavy industry. What is the reason of the crisis? Why is it so hard for the people to adjust to the actualities of life in the depressed regions? Is there any possibility to bring depressed regions back to life? What would be the effect of investment into the re-profiling of these areas? We will try to answer these and more other questions in three different parts of Europe: coal mining regions of Ukraine, Germany and the UK.

Project status:

Development of the creative concept and script, search for locations and characters

Project Number #A034

Project title : Grinyov’s List

Genre:  Drama, adventure, action

Format:  16 х 42’

Country: Ukraine

Production company:  Selena Films

Countries for co-production: Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, France 

Synopsys: Sergei Solomin, the Instructor of Military Academy, is involved in investigation of a series of murders committed by a virtuoso sniper. 

Among very little evidence Solomin finds a notebook, which definitely belonged to the sniper. It looks exactly like the one, he gave as a present to Nikolay Grinyov, his best friend’s son. Officially, Grinyov was claimed dead 12 years before, in Kosovo.

So, Solomin while helping the detectives, starts his own investigation.

The mysterious sniper finds new victims, and their names in the notebook lead Solomin to a shocking discovery: the sniper IS Grinyov, and Grinyov’s list is a list of people connected with an international criminal alliance.

Solomin faces a new question: retribution or justice? He has to make a choice between Grinyov and Grinyov’s list?

Project status:

Pilot script ready, preproduction started, script for the rest of the episodes (15) is in progress
Project Number #A035  PITCHING

Project title : Fitness-club

Genre:  Sitcom

Format:  22 x 24’

Country: Ukraine

Production company:  Selena Films

Countries for co-production: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine 

Synopsys: Fitness-club is no longer a sanctuary closed for ordinary people, a sacred place, where costs are too high and sometimes it is impossible to pronounce names of some disciplines. Nowadays if you don’t have gym membership, you don’t dare to be called modern.

Our hero is a common guy Andrey  who comes to the fitness-club to start a new life after splitting up with his girlfriend. Here he finds his new love - lovely aerobics trainer, new friends among instructors and gym hunks (who turn to be good guys), and a rival - a ladies’ man who actively courts Andrey’s beloved one.

Project status:

Script is written and finalized, prepare for shooting of pilot

Project Number : A036

Project title :  CALL CENTER

Genre:  Sitcom (multicam), TV series

Format:  24 episodes  x 30 min  = 1 season

Country: Bulgaria

Countries for co-production:  Worldwide 

Synopsys : This is a comedy about an unusual call center where any unsatisfied client can call to complaint about bad serviced or goods. Crazy and hilarious complaints from thousands of products and services and even crazier solutions by the callcenter employees. Wide variety of vivid characters, involved in half hour of pure comedy, episode after episode. Callcenter is a chance to create an international multilingual sitcom. Callers in different languages and characters, cultural differences – a great basis for an innovative comedy.

Project status: Demo episode is available


Project Number : A037

Project title :  OPERETTA

Genre:  Feature & Documentary

 Format:  Feature long run movie

Country: Croatia

Countries for co-production:  Austria, Germany, Italy, France

Synopsys : Film is based on real events. We see the early forties in the Croatian National Theatre, follow its repertoire and an atmosphere of fear in Zagreb occupied by Ustahe, local fascists. The archival materials and interviews of participants of events will be used.

In 1941 Ustashe came in power in Croatia.

Singers and actors from the National Theater were sent to the Jasenovac concentration camp and were united in  a "theater“, they should prepare merry operetta "Little Floramye" to celebrate name day of Ustashe leader. During operetta most of the actors and musicians are killed. It is important to say, the film does not contain any scenes of explicit violence! Film follows the fate of two children, Tom, son of the leading actress, Floramye and Mara, daughter of the drummer in the theatre orchestra in the concentration camp.After liberation a girl Marа is adopted, a boy Tom disappeared without a trace.
In the eighties, after one television show about Jasenovac camp, journalists found Tom and  Mara could meet him.

Project status : Script development


Project Number: A038

Project title :  Bread in the Mediterranean

Genre:  Documentary Science Fiction Investigation

 Format:  10 episodes x 52 min

Country:  Croatia

Countries for co-production:  Italy, France, Spain, Egypt, Israel, Turkey and Greece

Synopsys : The idea of this series is to deal with bread, its presence and absence  in the light of anthropological themes ("bread and body"), theological ("bread and faith"), social ("bread and hunger"), philological ("seed and origin"), literary and art ("image and providence. ").

The series is a history of ethnicity, anthropology, religion and culture of living in the Mediterranean through wheat. In this region, bread is a symbol of coexistence and interaction between different traditions, heritage and beliefs. Parallel talk about bread from Euphrates, Greek and Roman mythology, culture bread in Egypt, Greece, Rome, to the Arab and Jewish world.

Project status : Script development


Project Number: A039

Project title :  Horilka vs. Cachaça: The Battle of the Spirits

Genre:  Documentary, TV series, Web series

Format:  6 episodes x 10 minutes

Production company : Zeppelin Films

Country:  Brasil

Countries for co-production:  Ukraine

Synopsys :  A TV/Web series is about the greatest spirits/beverages of Ukraine and Brazil: horilka and cachaça. A brazilian will travel around Ukraine looking for the greatest drinks of Eastern Europe and, at the same time, a ukrainian will be searching for the best cachaças in Brazil. A trip that will show that Brazilians and Ukrainians are much closer than we think

Project status : In development


Project Number: A040

Project title :  RIDING INTO HISTORY

Genre:  history/travel/adventure documentary

Format:  2 episodes x 45min   /  1 episode x 90 min

Production company : Silver Media Group

Country: Singapore

Countries for co-production:  CIS countries, Russia, Germany

Synopsys :The wondrous BMW R71 motorcycle, first produced in 1938 Berlin has seen its mysterious transfer to WWII Russia as the M-72 before its evolution into 1950s China as the venerable CJ 750, where it is still being used to this day. This particular machine was a significant factor in epic warfare, political intrigues, and the rise and fall of socioeconomic structures through the West and East. This is the story of how these motorcycles became part and witness to the industrialization of the world’s major powers in the last century.

Featuring 3 unique personalities from China, Russia, and Germany chronicling the history of these inspiring machines with insightful passion while setting off from Chongqing to Berlin on their motorcycles. Project has gotten sponsorship interest from BMW.

Project status : In development, scriptwriting, financing

Project Number: A041

Project title :  Blind Birds Journey

Genre:  Adventure movie

Format:  90  minutes

Production company : BIOILLUSION

Country: Czech

Countries for co-production:  Spain, France, Germany and open to other suggestions

Synopsys :surgeon and his girlfriend photographer from Prague, Icelandic psychiatrist, mountain guide and two 14 years old kids  brought together by secrets of Jules Verne.

After a research in Czech archives and in the town of Jules Verne Amiens the expedition called VERNE & ISLAND travel to Iceland. Volcano called Sneaffels is restricted military monitored area, the crew gets inside of the volcano. They discover remarkable radioactive drawing of blind birds and deep abyss. Suddenly they are captured as spies and americans interrogate them. Kids are not arrested and return back to the cave. They find out the clue for the gate to the extraterrestrial civilization. They also find out why Jules Verne deleted his journey to the Iceland from his CV. They face the same question as Jules Verne– whether to uncover this journey to the mankind or not. What if they uncover it and people disuse it? How to decide?

Project status : Development, Shooting will start in May 2014.

Project Number #A042  PITCHING

Project title : Boys' Case

Genre:  Court drama

Format:  8 х 48’

Country: Russia

Production company:  TVINDIE Film Production

Countries for co-production: Ukraine, Worldwide 


1968. Soviet Union. A high school girl is brutally murdered in Izmalkovo village bordering the famous Peredelkino settlement where prominent Soviet writers reside. Marina, a smart girl and everybody's favourite, was last seen accompanied by two of her classmates. The boys are detained and soon they admit to having raped and strangled Marina and having dumped her body in the pond…

The whole village hates them; the writers from Peredelkino demand to investigate the case and bring the murderers to trial immediately.

Dina Kaminskaya, a Moscow defence attorney, accepts to defend one of the accused boys. While studying the case she discovers numerous deliberate falsifications and learns that the defendant has been forced to admit guilt. From now on to win this case is a moral imperative for her.

Other cases of Dina Kaminskaya, namely the dissident trials of the 60-ies, serve as a context for this litigation. They are bound to influence her perception of the "Boys' case".

Project status:

Script development


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