Television as Business Conference

Television as Business Conference in the course of international media forum KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2016 was the seventh annual meeting of the television industry. Leading TV-brands and media experts were talking about current content, finances, management and new media technologies. It’s a one-day meeting of media business elite.

Speakers of the conference are Ukrainian and foreign media experts with experience in a wide range of media organizations: television, agencies, production studios, NGO’s, hard and soft manufacturers.

Participants of the conference are top managers, media experts, analysts, investors, TV and internet communication specialists, representing TV-channel, advertising agency, advertisers.

Program of the conference was dedicated to financial planning, the best television formats and platforms, creative and executive management teams, competitive technologies of production and distribution of content.

More details about Television as Business Conference that was held in the course of KMW 2016 can be found here.

Television as Business Conference 2015 resume can be read here. 

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